Accelerated IoT solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating at a record pace. Successful IoT implementations need the right ecosystem of IoT partners to help navigate digital transformation. As part of the HPE Partner Ready Program, HPE Connect IoT provides an ecosystem that helps customers and partners build high-performing IoT projects through documented use cases and the creation of agile consortia.

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Solutions from industry-leading IoT partners

Imagine the extraordinary advances in a world powered by the Industrial Internet of Things.

Imagine a world where nothing breaks

GE Digital partnered with HPE to lead data-driven industrial transformation in process and discrete manufacturing.

Accelerate time to insights

Turnkey IoT provides exceptional analytics, software, infrastructure, security, and services for manufacturing environments.

Gain efficiencies with IoT partners

Real-time analytics and industrial IoT can help predict and prevent outages before they can occur. 

Product and service integration opportunities

Explore the full portfolio of HPE products and services designed to help your business monetize the Internet of Things.

Featured case study
Kaeser Kompressoren

Improve performance with IoT and real-time analytics

Kaeser Kompressoren provides heavy equipment with real-time analytics that help predict and prevent outages before they can occur. Kaeser cut downtime by 60% with industrial IoT.


Protect customers from the damaging business consequences of unplanned parts failures and system outages in installed compressor equipment.


Install sensors to capture key environmental and performance data, and conduct ongoing predictive analytics to determine when parts are prone to failure.


“We’ve gained faster, deeper, real-time insight, and better control of our global supply chain.” 

Falko Lameter, CIO, Kaeser Kompressoren


Predictive analytics and strategic preventive maintenance reduced unscheduled equipment downtime by nearly two-thirds.

Program partners

The HPE Connect IoT initiative spans multiple HPE Partner Ready tracks, bringing together partners of different types to drive innovation, encourage collaboration, and increase awareness and revenue growth for all members. The first step is to join one of the tracks, and then ask your partner manager about the HPE Connect IoT initiative.