Virtual Ethernet Software

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking enables service providers and large organizations to manage a distributed, multi-data center environment in a simple, open and agile way using Software-defined Networking and network virtualization. With the underlay and overlay network fully integrated, you can lower TCO by combining intelligent workload management with policy automation. It accelerates the communication service providers' journey to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) by optimizing network resources, increasing agility and speeding time-to-market through dynamic, service-driven configuration.

  • Federate data centers at scale over an integrated WAN infrastructure – the DCN controller uses open standards to communicate with each other.
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX while decreasing complexity and time to market.
  • Automated network policy instantiation when requirements change.
  • Accelerated VRS delivers line-rate 10G & 40G performance for NFV use-cases.

Unify Private, Public and Hybrid Data Centers with SDN

Through SDN and virtualization, HPE Distributed Cloud Networking enables administrators to control the distributed network environment from one central location, whether the organization incorporates private, public or hybrid data centers.

Supports policy-based network provisioning to automate and speed application deployments.

Deploys distributed data center networks in minutes versus months.

Operate Multiple Data Centers via Single Point of Management

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking offers tight integration capabilities with multiple Cloud Management Systems like OpenStack, CloudStack, and HPE Helion OpenStack for increased flexibility in your choice of environments.

New applications are on-boarded quickly through application-centric service driven templates and creation that is decoupled from network-centric implementation details.

Application level visibility and self-service establishment of network services are automatically in line with enterprise security policies and the applications business logic.

Provides Business Agility While Controlling Infrastructure Costs

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking is a full Layer 2 to Layer 4 virtualization platform that optimizes the network by removing inefficiencies.

Automatically selects the fastest path to optimize bandwidth utilization and latency while decreasing the bottleneck of the external router or gateway.

Policy functions align network deployment with application needs in an automated way offering users the ability to configure the network in an application friendly way.

Accelerate NFV Adoption by Providing High-Performance 10G and 40G

HPE Distributed Cloud Networking Accelerated Virtual Routing Switch (VRS) provides a high-performance networking environment to support carrier-grade NFV implementations.

Seamless integration and automated deployment with Helion Carrier Grade allow deployment of DCN in large scale NFV infrastructures less error prune.

Transparent to management and orchestration tools as well as support of heterogeneous hypervisor environments.