Harness the power and simplicity of HPE MSA Gen6

Get set for HPE MSA Gen6, the newest iteration of HPE’s #1 entry-level array for more than ten years. With extreme simplicity, speed, and affordability, alongside enterprise class reliability and effortless cloud backup, HPE MSA Gen 6 is the right choice for small to medium-sized businesses everywhere.


So simple, anyone can manage it

Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to manage — no special knowledge required. For small- to medium-sized businesses, the “set it and forget it” simplicity of HPE MSA eliminates IT complexity. Rely on intuitive setup, guided management, and hands-free automatic performance tiering to power user productivity.

High performance everyone can afford

Harness amazing performance that will delight both your users and your CFO. HPE MSA Gen6 drives higher performance via a new Gen6 Acceleration ASIC and by continuously optimizing workloads to use the fastest HDD and SSD media. You’ll see the results in your IOPs, while your users will be raving about snappier applications.

Systems to match any budget

Get the right storage, just when you need it. Tackle your data storage challenges with a simple, fast, and amazingly affordable HPE MSA system. Integrated with today’s most widely used hypervisors and operating systems, HPE MSA Gen6 enables you to power your workloads even as you work to lower costs.

Modernize and protect your environment free for 90 days

Offering incredible, cost-effective performance and capacity, HPE MSA Storage arrays are ideal as both primary storage systems and targets for backup data. Secure your business against ransomware attacks and natural catastrophes by trialing powerful HPE GreenLake cloud services to protect your data and recover quickly from any disruption.

Experience effortless protection

Register for an HPE GreenLake for storage account and immediately protect your on-prem and cloud-native workloads with HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery. It's that simple.

Check the Health of HPE MSA Storage

HPE MSA Health Check is an always-free HPE Cloud-hosted tool that analyzes array logs for best practice compliance, maximizes availability, improves user experience, and slashes local management overhead.

Get SaaS-based disaster recovery

Enjoy simple, unified, edge-to-cloud disaster recovery that's delivered as a service. HPE GreenLake for Disaster Recovery enables fast, flexible recovery from any disruption.

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