HPE OneSphere

A simplified multi-cloud management platform that enables you to build clouds, deploy apps, and gain insights faster.

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A new platform ready to power every idea

Transforming from a traditional environment to a digital organization often means your apps live in multiple data centers, across multiple clouds, and at the edge of your network. Hybrid IT merges on-premises IT with cloud to deliver many advantages, but it can also introduce new challenges in operational efficiency and multi-platform administration. A comprehensive, unified, multi-cloud management solution helps remove these limitations to your successful digital transformation.

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Simplified multi-cloud management

HPE OneSphere (previously Project New Hybrid IT Stack) is an as-a-service multi-cloud management platform that simplifies management of multi-cloud environments and on-premises infrastructure. Through a unified view, IT can compose hybrid clouds capable of supporting both traditional and cloud-native applications.


of infrastructure decision-makers expect to use public cloud platforms by the end of 2017 1


of businesses have or will implement private cloud2


of organizations plan interconnectedness between cloud environments3

Go faster with continuous delivery

HPE OneSphere enables IT, lines of business, and developers to work together more effectively and move digital business initiatives forward faster.

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Accelerate cycle time

Speed development with an agile, as-a-service platform that provides access to all your clouds and apps, on- and off-premises.


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Increase apps-to-ops ratio

Give IT operations the tools they need with a self-service design that enables higher productivity.


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Know your ROI

Give business owners insights for deploying applications to increase utilization and lower costs.


Execs Discuss Multi-Cloud Management Challenges

Frictionless digital transformation

Optimize operations and satisfy cross-functional team requirements with a comprehensive solution that simplifies hybrid IT delivery so you can develop competitive cloud applications to increase revenue, engage with customers, and reduce costs.

Control utilization and spend across clouds

Real-time, cross-cloud insights enable you to increase resource utilization and reduce costs, improving efficiency across the board.

Enable fast app deployment

Role-based, self-service access and a built-in service catalog streamline operations and accelerate time-to-market.

Deliver everything as a service

Flexible resource and app management allows you to provide a consistent experience, enable self-service, offer dynamic provisioning of resources, and drive cost efficiency.

Success in action

HPE OneSphere helps organizations across diverse verticals and geographical locations solve their IT management challenges and meet their business needs.

Hudson Alpha

One of America’s leading genome research institute consolidated the management of its various cloud platforms into a single view, enabling IT admins to centralize resource allocation, eliminate production bottlenecks, and regain efficiency.
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Optio Data beta tests cloud management

Optio Data implemented a multi-cloud management platform for hybrid IT. Hear their first impressions and how they think other customers can benefit.
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  • DreamWorks Animation relies on a mix of private and public cloud environments to animate our feature-length films. To simplify cloud management across our disparate hybrid cloud infrastructure, we are testing HPE OneSphere, which provides a unified experience across public clouds and on-premises environments so that our engineers can shift workloads and adjust capacity on the fly.

    JUSTIN G. DECKER, Vice President of Platforms and Infrastructure, DreamWorks Animation
  • Our computational work is data intensive and constantly growing. With the HPE OneSphere analytics dashboard, we get a clear view of all our clouds and infrastructure. We see how resources are being used which enables our IT organization to best support and enable genomic research and campus operations with an efficient and unified hybrid cloud.

    KATREENA MULLICAN, Senior Architect and Cloud Whisper, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

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See how an as-a-service, multi-cloud management platform gives you end-to-end control of your hybrid IT environment with a live demo of HPE OneSphere.

Cloud and software-defined solutions

Gain efficiency and control with software-defined solutions that let you manage all your infrastructure as code, using powerful software to quickly deploy IT resources for any workload.

Knowledge Workers Meet to Discuss Multi-Cloud Solutions

Hybrid cloud solutions 

Transform your business with a hybrid cloud system combining public and private cloud into a unified solution that can handle all your workloads.

IT Generalist Easily Manages Infrastructure from a Digital Dashboard

Software-defined infrastructure

Create a software-defined environment within your data center to accelerate application development and deployment, reduce costs, and streamline IT operations.

Learn More About Composable Infrastructure

Composable infrastructure

Empower IT to create and deliver value instantly, continuously, and at the speed and flexibility of cloud—within your own secure data center.

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Our experts will answer your questions and help you optimize how you manage your hybrid infrastructure.

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