Connect your products to HPE

Unlock all the benefits of your technology investment with 24x7 monitoring by HPE. Achieve up to 77% reduction in down time, near 100% diagnostic accuracy, and a single consolidated view of your environment. Receive pre-failure alerts, automatic call logging, and parts dispatch with HPE Proactive Care service and HPE Datacentre Care.  

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Let your equipment “phone home” for free

Deploying HPE OneView with integrated remote support lets your servers, storage and networking equipment dial home to HPE to issue service calls when needed. The tool opens a ticket, orders needed parts, logs the whole process and sends diagnostic data to quickly resolve your issue.

Self-managed diagnostics

Leave the diagnostics to HPE OneView – included with HPE Warranty or Contractual Hardware Service Agreement – and focus on what matters.

Effortless service calls

Servers, storage and networking equipment can dial home to HPE and initiate a service call by themselves.

Automatic logging

In the unusual event of a malfunction or hardware failure, HPE OneView automatically connects with HPE call centres and logs the event.

Mobile support portfolio

Today’s mobile world requires optimal remote capcbilities. HPE’s remote IT services offer mobile support to your hardware and software so your business can stay productive at all times.