Deliver a quality experience at lower cost, expand your capacity for innovation and take advantage of new technologies quickly, without waiting until your organisation has the skills. HPE GreenLake Management Services will remotely monitor and operate your infrastructure and applications from core to cloud to edge, detect and help resolve issues, and advise you on ways to improve continuously.

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Get the HPE GreenLake experience

HPE GreenLake Management Services offloads the heavy lifting of running modern IT, when and where you need it. With unique IP and automation, along with a team of 23,000 global experts, the service delivers comprehensive monitoring, operations, administration, optimisation and nearly continuous improvement across all areas of IT. Focused on driving your business forward, Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners with you to help you run your IT with optimal performance, reliability, cost efficiency and performance.

Innovate faster

Free up your staff to better address business needs with technology and have more resources for innovation.

Simplify IT

Deliver a great experience to your customers when HPE cost-effectively monitors, operates and administers.

Gain flexibility but keep control

HPE GreenLake Management Services take care of routine maintenance, but leave you in control of innovation.

Leverage the best

Rely on HPE experts as you leverage new technologies and applications, short term or for the long run.

Why HPE GreenLake management services

Leveraging the combined power of platform, process and people, HPE partners with customers to run any or all aspects of their IT environments.

On average, HPE GreenLake management services customers report:


Greater reliability

Less unplanned downtime


Simplified IT

Less time spent "keeping the lights on"


Improved efficiency

More efficient, overall


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