EMA Radar Report: Unified Data Analytics

  • Analyst Report
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See why HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is the award winner for “Enterprise-Ready Cloud Data Lake”. A new EMA Radar Report covers a new category in the data and analytics industry: the unified analytics warehouse (UAW).

  • It is ‘unified’ because it adequately analyses multi-structured and multi-latency data in a single platform.
  • It is an analytics platform because the primary use case for both the data lake and the data warehouse has always been analytics.
  • The term ‘warehouse’ is used because it accesses all data in an organised manner for a broad range of analytical users and use cases.       

HPE’s unique combination of a data fabric, open container platform and support for MLOps adds superior modern cloud capabilities and, compared to other vendors, is the most advanced in terms of enterprise capabilities.

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