Navigate beyond today's challenges

As you deal with the current global crisis and adjust to the new business landscape, it can be difficult to look ahead and know how the future will play out. It can all feel very daunting. To move ahead, you need to know that your ability to maintain business continuity, thrive and grow is defined by more than just what you presently have in your checking account. From helping release capital in existing infrastructures to deferring payments and providing pre-owned tech to relieve capacity strain, we’re ready to work with you to overcome the challenges of today and help you prepare for your next big chapter.

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Finance the IT technology you need

Take advantage of flexible and custom financing models to get access to the technology you need to support business continuity and drive your digital transformation.

  • Conserve cash
  • Maintain predictable pricing
  • Get value from old assets
  • Simplify the procurement process
Improve your IT capabilities and boost operational efficiency

Manage your IT assets to support growth and change while promoting agility and innovation.

  • Manage retired assets with no disruptions
  • Avoid increased maintenance and operating costs
  • Reduce demand on IT staff
  • Have quick access to tech for unplanned peaks and short-term projects
  • Ensure employee productivity
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Fuel your competitive edge

Increase your tech buying power and discover new opportunities to innovate, expand, make a positive impact, and elevate your brand.

  • Mitigate the risk of new investments and projects
  • Practice responsible asset management
  • Deliver seamless digital experiences to customers and partners
  • Expand partnerships
Drive digital transformation
Drive digital transformation
Bridge the gap between finance and technology
Manage IT assets seamlessly for growth and change
Maximize the value of aging assets
Bridge the gap between finance and technology
Bridge the gap between finance and technology

Break away from the pack and discover how to unlock investment options purpose built to enable your digital transformation.

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Manage IT assets seamlessly for growth and change
Manage IT assets seamlessly for growth and change

Secure your reputation as innovators with these top considerations for IT asset disposition.

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Maximize the value of aging assets
Maximize the value of aging assets

Engage in the Circular Economy to produce better business outcomes by sustainably managing your IT no matter the size of your business.

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See how HPE Financial Services can help you reach your sustainability goals while returning value to your IT budget.

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