The growth of mobile, IoT, and services moving to the cloud have placed larger demands on networks and IT. Aruba’s small and midsize networking solutions deliver the intuitive management, automated intelligence, and security features to save time and gain a competitive edge.

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Smart can be simple

Aruba’s midsize business cloud-managed networking solutions deliver fast, reliable, and scalable wired and wireless connectivity. With Aruba access points, switches, and Aruba Central, you can manage your network anytime, anywhere.

Aruba Instant On for Small Business

Designed for businesses with limited IT staff, Aruba Instant On is a comprehensive network solution that is affordable, easy to set up, and provides blazing fast, secure connectivity. 

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Success in action

Auto dealer streamlines secure Wi-Fi access

Eskridge Lexus, an auto-dealership in Oklahoma City, implemented a Wi-Fi solution to modernize its network to improve productivity and offer a quality customer experience. 


Although Eskridge Lexus had an existing wireless solution, it was increasingly unstable.To modernize, it needed a rugged solution for the service bays.


By adopting Aruba Instant, Eskridge Lexus gains a simple, yet powerful enterprise solution without breaking its budget.

"With our Aruba Wi-Fi, we’re ready to adopt new technologies that support our brand, achieve efficiencies and enhance customer experiences. And we can do it affordably."

Wes Boles, computer systems administrator, Eskridge Lexus


Sales and service staff can access the resources they need, customers are delighted, and the solution enables innovation.