A lifecycle approach in an age of disruption

Drive more efficient use of energy and materials and manage your IT assets in a secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner. Designing out waste and maximizing the value of resources throughout the product lifecycle is key to our circular economy approach, which has resulted in new services and capabilities that enable you to maximize your financial and environmental savings.

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Improve business and sustainability outcomes

Enable your enterprise to do exponentially more with less by leveraging the efficiencies and asset longevity designed into our products, service offerings, and business models.

Built-in efficiencies

Reduce your CapEx and OpEx with efficient designs that maximize material, resource, and equipment efficiencies.

Improved security and compliance

Keep your data secure and meet environmental regulatory requirements across the world, from purchasing and use through to asset retirement.

Extended product lifecycles

Leverage products designed for a longer useful life that retain residual value, with easy repair and upgrade, or reuse and refurbishment.