IT Modernisation and Optimisation

Consolidate and modernise your infrastructure with the right mix of Hybrid IT so you can optimise your IT operations and accelerate app performance.

Optimise your IT operations

In the rapidly expanding digital age, enterprises must find the best way to surpass the limitations of aging infrastructure and roll out new capabilities to extract maximum business value. With the right mix of Hybrid IT, you can build an agile infrastructure that optimises your IT operations and accelerates the delivery of apps and services. This modern, consolidated approach combines virtualisation, containerisation, all-flash storage, and software-defined networking with pay-as-you-grow financial models to fit your budget.

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Use Hybrid IT Infrastructure to Modernise Your Datacentre

Modernise your data centre

Discover where data centre modernisation projects can have the most impact on reducing costs and improving agility, resilience, security, efficiency, and long-term continuity.

HPE named a leader in solid-state arrays

With advances in features, performance, scale and density, solid-state arrays (SSAs) continue to redefine infrastructure modernisation. Learn how your business can benefit from SSAs and why Gartner named HPE a leader in solid-state arrays.

Strategies for implementing Hybrid IT

The inherent flexibility of Hybrid IT empowers you to customise your infrastructure to meet your operational requirements and business objectives.

Optimise Your IT Operations with Containerisation

Using containerised IT to deliver a hybrid environment

Container technology is rapidly becoming the rising star in a field of solutions designed to drive digital transformation, hybrid environment adoption, and hyperconvergence.

IT Modernisation Will Improve Application and Database Performance

Improving application and database performance

Modernising your data centre infrastructure is essential to meeting your business-critical needs and keeping vital applications and your business running smoothly.

Accelerate Hybrid IT with flash storage

Accelerate Hybrid IT with flash storage

Get tips on how to build your all-flash business case and hear what Gartner says about critical capabilities for your Hybrid IT workloads.


Of CEOs say IT infrastructure must support business agility and market responsiveness1


Of IT decision-makers face data migration challenges1


Of IT budgets spent maintaining legacy systems2


Of companies want usage-based IT payment models2

Modernisation successes

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SOCAN Modernised Their IT Infrastructure with 3PAR Flash Storage
SOCAN Gains and Edge with HPE Flash Storage

Gaining a competitive edge

SOCAN, a non-profit music distribution company, uses HPE 3PAR StoreServ flash storage to meet the needs of its music licensing business and keep pace with the rapid growth of digital streaming.

LTE Group drives innovation in UK education

LTE’s growth and innovation were hampered by an aging infrastructure. It built a hybrid cloud platform and can now create new digital educational services.

Los Angeles keeps construction booming

With construction central to the Los Angeles economy, the city’s Department of Building and Safety must protect itself against service interruptions.

Burson Automotive revs up customer satisfaction

Burson Automotive revs up customer satisfaction

To maintain customer satisfaction while expanding, Burson needed scalable systems. Its new ERP architecture enables it to steer a flawless expansion.

Featured products and services

HPE offers solutions that help you optimise your applications and IT operations.

HPE ProLiant Servers

HPE ProLiant Servers

Server solutions that provide a complete infrastructure to support both your business objectives and your business growth.

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HPE 3PAR Flash Arrays

HPE 3PAR Flash Arrays

Massively scalable, all-flash data storage array with flexible tier 1 features and high levels of service for the all-flash data centre.

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HPE Docker Ready Servers

HPE Docker Ready Servers

A true hybrid solution, bring your own containers, run your Docker apps in the public cloud or your own private cloud.

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Nimble Storage Flash Arrays

Nimble Storage Flash Arrays

Enterprise-grade flash storage with the power of predictive analytics to deliver fast and reliable access to data with radical simplicity.

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Data Centre Networking

Data Centre Networking

HPE cloud-first networks offer end-to-end automation for application policies and seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

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HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity

An enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform uniting best-in-class data services with the world’s bestselling server.

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HPE Datacentre Care

HPE Datacentre Care

Flexible, proactive support that goes beyond break and fix, a new kind of experience that simplifies Hybrid IT operations.

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HPE Flexible Capacity

HPE Flexible Capacity

An infrastructure service that offers on-demand capacity, combining the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

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Solve your key business challenges

A Hybrid IT model gives you the flexibility and agility to solve other challenges facing your business.

Transform to a hybrid infrastructure

Find the right mix of platforms for your apps and data across traditional IT, private and public cloud to minimise risk and maximise savings.

Enable flexible consumption models

Achieve the flexibility and economic benefits of public cloud without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises IT.

Ensure availability and resilience

Plan for the unexpected with mission-critical capabilities that empower you to reduce risk by ensuring availability and resilience for your apps and data.

Deliver IT as a service

Maximise your speed and agility by delivering IT as a service using your right mix of Hybrid IT.

Accelerate cloud application delivery

Accelerate cloud application development and deployment and enable IT to rapidly deliver and manage services across a Hybrid IT environment.

Connect with an optimisation specialist

Our experts will answer your questions and get you started on the path to optimising your applications and IT operations.


White Paper : Rethinking your IT consumption

Understand How Cloud App Delivery Affects IT Consumption
White Paper

The ability to map an investment strategy to a technology strategy can pay dividends by accelerating transformation and providing that extra degree of flexibility needed to adapt to more frequent disruptions within the market landscape.

Video : Accelerate your right mix for IT with the Unified Transformation Framework

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Video | 2:48

The digital economy today is forcing customers to react in new ways. That is the job of enterprise IT today; to move into this Hybrid IT-enabled state and to be able to broker this much more complex digital supply chain on behalf of their business.

Article : How the right infrastructure can prepare your data centre for business disruptors

IT Modernisation Can Help You Get Ahead of Business Disruptors

Disruptors like IoT, AI and Big Data are expanding rapidly. IT teams need a strategy that establishes their data centre as flexible and â change-resilient." But how?

Buyer's Guide : 2017-2018 All-flash array buyer’s guide - March 2017

2017-2018 All-flash array buyer’s guide - March 2017
Buyer's Guide

2017-2018 All-flash array buyer’s guide - March 2017

Analyst White Paper : The importance of flash storage in a Hybrid IT world

The importance of flash storage in a Hybrid IT world
Analyst White Paper

The importance of flash storage in a Hybrid IT world

Video : Why flash is important to implementation of Hybrid IT

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Combining Hybrid IT and Flash Storage
Video | 3:00

Why flash is important to implementation of Hybrid IT

Webinar : Nimble Storage Webinar: Mainstreaming Docker Containers with Persistent Storage

Nimble Storage Docker Container Webinar
Webinar | Video

Get an overview of Docker containers, what they are, how you can benefit from them, and use them. You'll also hear common pitfalls and challenges.

White Paper : HPE Nimble Storage sets six nines availability standard

Nimble Storage Six Nines Availability White Paper
White Paper | PDF | 1.05 MB

Nimble Storage achieves six nines measured availability using predictive analytics and data science as the core architecture of every system.

eBook : Six Considerations for Moving to an All Flash Data Centre

Nimble Storage All Flash Data Centre eBook

Find out how to overcome the obstacles related to the all flash data centre.

Video : Accelerating Your Competitive Edge with All-Flash Storage

All-flash Storage Competitive Edge Webinar
Video | Webinar

Learn how two customers in the healthcare and entertainment industries, Nebraska Medicine and SOCAN, are using all-flash storage to accelerate their businesses. Hear Frost & Sullivan’s expert advice about flash’s impact in the marketplace.

Reference Guide : Can Machine Learning Prevent Application Downtime?

Machine Learning Nimble Storage Labs Report
Reference Guide | PDF | 1,39 MB

Improve performance and application availability by closing the app-data gap using data science and machine learning predictive analytics from Nimble Storage.


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