Storage Replication Software

HP XP Replication Manager Software enables you to create, manage, and maintain HP XP Disk Array replication pairs. It provides centralized management of replication applications, decreases storage administration complexity, increases productivity, and improves service levels by providing a single enterprise view of the replication environment. It allows you to view replication status graphically in real time, improving your efficiency.

In addition to replication status, HP XP Replication Manager Software also provides early warning of impending problems. It eliminates tedious data entry that can cause outages and simplifies difficult replication tasks. And it reduces costs and training expenses associated with replication management.

What's new

  • HP XP Replication Manager Software replaces HP XP Replication Monitor Software. HP XP Replication Manager adds the ability to create and manage replication pairs.
  • HP XP Replication Manager Software requires only the CLI/SMI-S portion of HP XP Command View AE as a prerequisite. The full Command View AE implementation is not required.


Accelerate Business Growth

Manage complicated replication environments from a single pane of glass using the graphical user interface that displays the status of HP XP Business Copy and HP XP Continuous Access replication pairs

Consolidate mainframe and open systems environments onto your HP XP Disk Array and centrally monitor data replication status of both environments using the HP XP Replication Manager link to Business Continuity Manager

Mitigate Risk

Early warning of impending problems

Create and manage three data center configurations, including delta resync pairs with a helpful wizard.