Storage Device Management Software

HPE XP Provisioning Manager Software is a plug-in application for HPE XP Command View Advanced Edition Software. It enables you to quickly connect an HPE XP Disk Array to a host server and make the storage ready for use. It simplifies each step of the process: carving raw disk storage into manageable logical devices (LDEV's), allocating LDEV's to host servers, creating a device file, creating a file system, and mounting the resulting block to a file system.

HPE XP Provisioning Manager enables you to integrate and manage your HPE XP Disk Array storage as a logical storage pool. By presenting the volumes associated with each resource group as a single logical volume, HPE XP Provisioning Manager lets you manage these volumes regardless of where they actually reside. This reduces the workload required to monitor and maintain the various volumes.

HPE XP Provisioning Manager provides transaction logs to help you quickly resolve file system and device management problems.

What's new

  • HPE XP Provisioning Manager Software is now available for the HPE XP20000 Disk Array.


Saves user time and money

Provides a common user interface for
managing file systems and device files across different hosts, saving resources and money

Offers separation of administrative tasks-This allows the server administrator to provision by themselves as the sub storage pool will separate the allocation by storage administrator and provisioning by the server administrator

The transaction logs enable you to correct errors and resume any operation from the point just prior to the failure, without having to redo the earlier process steps