Is your data protection solution causing your Exchange/SQL administrative costs to spiral out of control?

HPE Recovery Manager Software for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server eases administration by providing efficient online backup and recovery of entire Microsoft Exchange Server/SQL databases from multiple, highly granular points in time. Recovery Manager intelligently creates and manages highly granular and capacity-efficient Exchange/SQL database aware snapshots. These snapshots can then be used to quickly restore Exchange/SQL instances or databases, or to non-disruptively back them up to tape for near-continuous data protection. Since Recovery Manager is built on HPE P2000 G3 Snapshot software multiple snapshots can be kept online economically, allowing for extended or frequent Exchange/SQL database recovery points.


Simplifies Backup and Recovery Functionality in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Environments

Leverages array based replication solutions to enable scores of snapshots to be kept online economically-allowing for extended or frequent Exchange/SQL database recovery points.

Integration with Microsoft VSS provides a standardized interface for creating snapshots; Recovery Manager's advanced scheduler feature provides automated snapshot creation to control administration costs.

Snapshot instances are managed efficiently, from an easy-to-use graphical user interface on the host that helps control costs.

Can be used to make a variety of scenarios simpler and more efficient, including creating snapshots for testing and development purposes.

Enables Exchange/SQL database to be quickly recovered to a known point in time or to the point of failure, speeding up a variety of operations including rapid recovery of the production Exchange/SQL server.

Enables Granular and Flexible Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives

Eliminates the backup window and associated "race to daylight" by integrating with Microsoft VSS to power the creation of hundreds of non-disruptive, application-consistent snapshots for off-host backup.

Scalable, non-duplicative snapshots allow administrators a greater number of backups for a frequent extended history of recovery points, giving flexibility when committing to a given Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Delivers the flexibility to restore from snapshot, independently roll forward the logs (via fast D2D restore) or to directly and instantaneously mount the snapshot on the host, which allows administrators to offer increasingly aggressive Recovery Time Objective (RTO) SLAs to customers.

Integration with backup products such as HPE Data Protector and Symantec NetBackup delivers fast, reliable backup to tape and recovery staging to disk from tape.