Complete Storage Solution

Are you dealing with the growth and protection of unstructured data from enterprise applications and other sources? The HPE Complete iTernity Compliant Archive Software is a software-defined storage platform enabling compliant archiving by protecting against silent data corruption, securing data integrity, and providing WORM functionality. The solution protects any archive data so it remains verifiable and can be stored on any storage infrastructure. The HPE Complete iTernity solution is certified with 120+ business applications and can be used as central platform for various data assets. It enables consistent, unrestricted growth from terabyte up to the petabyte range by logical volume management and other features. HPE Complete iTernity platform provides an open, flexible, and expandable long-term, SEC 17a-4 and EU GDPR compliant archiving solution for your business data. The solution addresses regulatory compliance requirements and enables simplified and cost-efficient archiving.

What's new

  • Designed to provide enterprise-grade security for critical data assets and securing data compliance on a simple and no-touch storage platform.
  • Different product versions focus on various industry use cases (healthcare, BFSI, manufacturing, life sciences, and more) and technology approaches (scale-up vs. scale-out, Windows® vs. Linux® based).
  • Architecture approaches can be standalone application servers with direct-attached storage (DAS) or combined with any HPE storage solution or a scale-out platform based on standard x86 servers.


Flexibility and Reliability with HPE Complete iTernity Solutions

The HPE Complete iTernity platform provides unrestricted growth up to the petabyte range and supports the full variety of HPE server and storage products such as HPE ProLiant and Apollo Servers, HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE Nimble Storage, HPE SimpliVity, HPE Scality, and more.

With reliable features for legally compliant, certified archiving, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and iCAS provides data security and proof of representation. Flexibility and openness protect your investments enabling more efficient usage of storage volumes, reducing your total operating costs (TCO).

With its self-healing functionality, damaged files can be repaired and long-term data integrity preserved. Conformity with regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), GDPR, HIPPA for Healthcare, the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 17a-4(f), and others, can be achieved.

Data Integrity and Self-Healing

The HPE Complete iTernity solutions offer object-oriented data integrity via strong hash values to preserve the integrity of archived data.

With integrated data encryption, the HPE Complete iTernity platform offers an integrated but optional AES-256 encryption, enabling additional security for stored data.

When HPE Complete iTernity platform is writing redundant archive data, the system can audit the integrity of the different copies by comparing their hash value. If one of the copies is corrupt, the self-healing function can automatically copy the valid data and replace the corrupt files.

Data Migration Solutions

HPE Complete iTernity solutions enable reliable and fast data migration during regular operation on storage level. Special copy functionalities allow compliant data migration by logging the migration process and verifying the copied data.

The combination of HPE storage and the HPE Complete iTernity platform delivers a flexible information management solution offering simplified and agile retention of data across your storage infrastructure.

To migrate data off legacy archiving solutions (for example, proprietary hardware-bound archive silos), advanced services are available that allow to speed up this time intensive process to be faster than the standard approach.

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