Aruba Software

Aruba ClearPass Onboard Software lets BYOD and IT-issued devices connect safely to your network in compliance with security mandates. It automatically configures and provisions mobile devices and enable them to securely connect to enterprise networks.

ClearPass Onboard allows users configure devices for use on secure networks all on their own, enabling full and limited access based on roles, device type, and security posture. Unique device certificates eliminate the need for users to repeatedly enter login credentials throughout the day.


Flexible Workflow Options

The Aruba ClearPass Onboard Software configuration process can be managed via sponsor and non-sponsor required workflows.

User authentication can prompt for active directory or social login credentials.

Built-in Certificate Authority For BYOD

Aruba ClearPass Onboard Software Certificate Authority (CA) provides the option to utilize certificate management without the need to make changes to an internal public key infrastructure (PKI) or active directory (AD).

ClearPass Onboard generates certificates requested by third-party applications – mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) – through SCEP and EST (RFC 7030) protocols.

Secure Pre-Authorized Access Credentials

Aruba ClearPass Onboard Software enables users to self- register and securely onboard multiple devices.

Active Directory and social login credential authentication supported.