Welcome to HPE GreenLake Central

HPE GreenLake Central is an advanced software-as-a-service platform that provides you with a consistent cloud experience for all your applications and data—on-premises or off-premises. It provides you with insights and controls to manage your hybrid IT estate, complementing your use of public clouds and data centers. HPE GreenLake Central gives you the ability to choose where and how to place your workloads and data, and—through the services you purchase—enables you to monitor security, compliance, capacity, resource utilization, and costs.

In HPE GreenLake Central, you can do the following:

  • View and manage the services available to you in your HPE GreenLake environment.

    Services you use through HPE GreenLake Central appear as cards on the HPE GreenLake Central Dashboard.

  • Request and try services that have been offered to you to evaluate through HPE GreenLake Central.

  • View and manage HPE customers and their access to resources in your environment, including access to other tools that are part of the services you purchase or use on a trial basis.

About this guide

This guide introduces you to HPE GreenLake Central and the services and features it enables you to access.

If you are reading this guide, it is assumed that you have logged in to HPE GreenLake Central at client.greenlake.hpe.com.

Not logged in to HPE GreenLake Central?

If you did not access this guide from HPE GreenLake Central, talk to your HPE account team about your interest in HPE GreenLake, and learn more about HPE GreenLake from the following website:


Interested in a service you do not see on your screen

This guide describes services, features, and functions that are available to the HPE GreenLake customers, including items you might not see on your screen.

While reading this guide, if you learn about a service or function that you are interested in seeing in your environment, check with your local administrator (who might have different permissions than you), and then contact your HPE account team.

Seeing only one card or having display issues

If you see only one card or no cards on your Dashboard, the most likely cause is that the user ID you used to log in to HPE GreenLake Central does not have the permissions required to view any of the services.

Display issues can be related to the web browser and its configuration with regard to popup windows.

For more information, see the information about troubleshooting.