HPE Primera architecture technical white paper

technical white papers / technical white paper

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Chinese (Simplified), Asia Pacific and Japan HPE Primera 架构技术白皮书
German, Europe/Middle East/Africa HPE Primera Architektur – Technisches Whitepaper
Spanish/Castilian, Europe/Middle East/Africa Arquitectura de HPE Primera; informe técnico
French, Europe/Middle East/Africa Livre blanc technique sur l’architecture du HPE Primera
Italian, Europe/Middle East/Africa Architettura HPE Primera - White paper tecnico
Japanese, Asia Pacific and Japan HPE Primeraのアーキテクチャー - テクニカルホワイトペーパー
Korean, Asia Pacific and Japan HPE Primera 아키텍처 기술 백서
Portuguese (Brazil), Latin America Documento técnico da arquitetura do HPE Primera
Russian, Europe/Middle East/Africa Архитектура HPE Primera (технический информационный документ)