Data Services on HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience wherever data lives and streamlines data management for your hybrid cloud. It provides a suite of cloud data and infrastructure services across edge, core, and cloud that accelerates data, agility, and innovation for everyone, from data managers to data innovators.

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Deliver cloud operations

Automate infrastructure management at scale with cloud agility. Leverage fast and easy quoting and ordering, simplified deployment, intent-based provisioning, and invisible upgrades — all globally managed via a cloud console accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Unify data management

Architected as a single destination to streamline data access, protection, and mobility across edge to cloud, Data Services on HPE GreenLake enables your organization to accelerate data-driven innovation, protect data everywhere, and intelligently move data across clouds.

Accelerate innovation

Speed app development and time to market by providing line of business, app owners, and developers with streamlined, self-service access to data infrastructure — while simultaneously eliminating the complexity and manual IT processes that today leave organizations behind.

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Experience effortless cloud backup

Deliver for every backup SLA across your hybrid cloud from a single console. Try HPE Backup and Recovery Service with 5TB of data in the cloud — free for 90 days.

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Forget all the complex provisioning, endless tuning, and frustrating guesswork of your current infrastructure. Data Services on HPE GreenLake delivers SaaS-based applications that clear away silos and complexity — bringing you cloud operational agility and streamlined management from edge to cloud. Think effortless ordering and deployments, seamless provisioning, global management, and unprecedented automation. It’s all here.

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Meet every SLA — easily

Accelerate with SLA-based ordering from HPE GreenLake for block storage. Choose from among workload-optimized tiers and we do the rest. 

Simplify and accelerate deployment

Deploy new data infrastructure on demand. New systems are automatically discovered, on-boarded, and easily configured in minutes. 

Leverage Intent-based Provisioning

Streamline infrastructure provisioning at scale with automatic, optimized data infrastructure deployment for your app workloads across a global fleet.

Manage from anywhere

Eliminate silos and complexity by managing infrastructure globally with a single, intuitive SaaS-based user experience accessible from anywhere, on any device.

HPE Backup and Recovery Service

Modernize and protect your data operations across clouds with a single interface to deliver snapshots for restores, recoveries, and cloud backups.

HPE InfoSight

Harness the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure to deliver self-managing, self-healing, self-optimizing AIOps from edge to cloud.

HPE CloudPhysics

Maximize time-to-value and ROI for workload and infrastructure planning with instant data-driven analysis across heterogeneous infrastructure.

Built on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform

Your data services management environment is built on the agile, secure and proven technology that underpins HPE GreenLake. It’s a foundation that features advanced multi-level security, including encrypted connectivity, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access control. And at the core is a micro-services architecture that makes it simple to rapidly develop, deploy, and scale new cloud data and infrastructure services.


Harness ground-breaking cloud-native data infrastructure that powers your data, wherever it lives. HPE Alletra, managed by Data Services on HPE GreenLake, delivers the cloud experience — at edge, core, and cloud — via a portfolio of workload-optimized systems that are available on demand and delivered as a service.