Industrial Internet of Things

Collect and analyse data from connected assets, locations, and people to deliver actionable insights at the industrial edge.

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Bringing the Internet of Things to industry


In the Internet of Things (IoT), bringing compute power closer to where assets and machines generate data shortens decision making times and eliminates the expense and risk of sending data to a data centre. But for many organisations, processes and data reside in individual silos, making it difficult to fully capture the power of digital transformation and IoT.

HPE provides leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to serve manufacturing, logistics, energy production, and other industries. Our IIoT solutions can help you unlock siloed and new IoT data right where it is created, reducing latency, increasing security, and delivering new value from operations.

Get your IT infrastructure ready for industrial IoT

Get ready for the future of manufacturing

You need flexible infrastructure to flourish in the digital manufacturing marketplace. Forrester Consulting evaluated the digital transformation objectives of manufacturers and offers key strategies to help create new ways to engage with customers.


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Connecting at the Intelligent Edge

Industrial organisations need to connect people, places, assets, things, and their data to develop meaningful insights. These insights can reduce production costs, increase efficiency, and provide visibility to employees and customers. HPE Industrial IoT solutions help you connect operations and IT, protect data and devices, and compute new insights.

Faster time to insight

Achieve faster insights from device data with an IIoT deployment that reduces latency with edge computing.

Data security and governance

With the growing number of connected IoT devices, you need continuous endpoint monitoring and profiling regardless of location, time of day, or device type.

Data centre capabilities regardless of location

Implement data centre analytics in isolated and industrial environments, as well as those with limited network bandwidth.

Transformative IIoT capabilities

HPE and its technology partners combine an extensible network and flexible hybrid IT with the power of edge computing to deliver transformative IIoT solutions.

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Use HPE’s hybrid IT solutions for IIoT

Condition monitoring

Gain visibility into your processes with instrumentation to obtain relevant data for assessing conditions and system performance.

Predictive maintenance

Reduce unplanned downtime by using data to monitor and optimise machine performance and predict when maintenance will be needed.

Asset tracking

Tag your assets and use an Aruba network to easily locate devices, assets, and things when you need them.

Success in action

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Smart manufacturing with smart IIoT technology

HIROTEC’s new infrastructure eliminates data processing latency and provides analysis in real time to help it efficiently manage its factory machinery.

Texmark builds a refinery of the future

Texmark Chemicals turned to HPE and Aruba to build a refinery of the future featuring advanced IIoT capabilities for improved process analytics, up-time, customer satisfaction, and worker safety.

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Kaeser cuts downtime by 60%

Kaeser Kompressoren delivers real-time analytics that predict and prevent outages before they occur, gaining a competitive advantage by enhancing customer care and satisfaction.

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CenterPoint eliminates over 7 million service calls

CenterPoint Energy deployed 2.4 million smart meters to its customers to increase operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and provide nonstop energy services.

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ABB drives better outcomes using IoT

ABB, one of the largest industrial automation solution providers, harnesses the power of IoT to drive efficiency for better outcomes with less resource investment.

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  • "IIoT is not just about technology. It’s about capturing data that’s important to your business and your customers, gaining insights into that data, and using those insights to improve business results."

    FALKO LAMETER, CIO, Kaeser Kompressoren

Industrial IoT solutions

Create new insights on your operations floor with solutions to help you transform to an IIoT-enabled, future-ready organisation.

HPE IoT Transformation Workshop

HPE IoT Transformation Workshop

An interactive, customised, one-day session to help you define strategic objectives to exploit the potential of IoT, unify your IoT vision, align key stakeholders, expand collaboration, and identify quick wins.

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HPE Connect IoT

HPE Connect IoT

An ecosystem that promotes collaboration between customers, partners, and HPE and helps customers and partners build high-performing IoT projects through documented use cases and the creation of agile consortia.

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HPE Pointnext

HPE Pointnext

Innovative IT services that make hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge, so you can create new customer experiences, optimise core business operations, and deliver new products and services.

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Visit the refinery of the future

Visit the refinery of the future
Take advantage of the unique opportunity to tour the Texmark facility in Galena Park, Texas and see advanced IIoT capabilities in action.

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Speak with an IIoT expert about your current challenges and future goals, and we’ll help you implement an IIoT system that captures the data and insights your business needs.

1   “The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise, February 2017

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