Does your data need to reside in multiple locations within your storage environment?

HPE XP7 Business Copy Software is a local replication solution that provides data copies within a single HPE XP7 Storage unit, or in storage systems attached to a XP7 as external storage. Using array-based replication technologies that do not interfere with host-level operations, allows customers to spend time conducting business rather than worrying about how backup and testing operations will impact performance.

Provides both snapshots and mirrors, reducing the cost of backups, accelerating recovery from failures, providing deployment flexibility and simplifying application testing. Create full copies in physically separate locations within the array so that accesses to the copy will have no impact on the original production volume. Use the space-efficient snapshot capability to create frequent point-in-time copies of volumes so that you can quickly restore data to an earlier version if necessary.


Manage Data Availability Requirements for Your Business Without Compromising on Performance

The HPE XP7 Business Copy Software maintains multiple copies of critical data at local and remote sites, allowing recovery from planned and unplanned downtime. Integrates with XP7 Continuous Access Software providing an extra measure of confidence that your data will be available when you need it.

You can create multiple copies of production data and make them available to backup applications. While the backup application utilizes the copy, the primary data remains available for the production application with minimal impact from the backup process.

Both HPE Storage Data Protector Software and Veritas™ NetBackup™ have been tightly integrated with HPE XP7 Business Copy Software to provide zero downtime and split-mirror backup solutions for HPE XP7 Storage in a variety of server environments.

With the snapshot feature you can create regular point-in-time copies of production data, permitting fast disk-based restores in the event of any problems with the primary data.

Manage Replication Across Internal or External Storage to Gain Cost Efficiency

The HPE XP7 Business Copy Software creates separate copies of production data that can be independently accessed and modified without affecting production data. Copies can be used as source data to test new applications before introducing them to production.

One product provides multiple capabilities. You can mirror open systems volumes, mirror mainframe volumes, and you can create snapshots of open systems volumes, all in one convenient cost-effective product.

Quickly and easily understand complex data replication environments with HPE XP7 Replication Manager Software, a centralized web-based replication management tool.

You can use HPE XP7 Business Copy Software with external storage, providing flexibility to choose the performance and cost characteristics of data copies.

  • Veritas™ is a trademark of Symantec Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
    NetBackup™ is a trademark of Symantec Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.