Storage Replication Software

Do you want to implement a shared, federated IT infrastructure across your data centers?

HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence Software allows you to break the boundaries of storage, enabling your hosts, and data to move freely across data centers without impacting your business applications. Implement a true cloud solution, where storage resources are shared across data centers, and are not constrained by their physical boundaries.

Peer Persistence enables 3PAR StoreServ systems located at metropolitan distances to act as peers to each other, presenting a nearly continuous storage system to hosts and servers connected to them. This capability, certified for vMSC environments, allows customers to configure a high-availability solution between two sites or data centers where switchover and switchback remains transparent to the hosts and applications running on those hosts. This secures business continuity without impacting performance and enables load balancing across systems and sites.

What's new

  • 3PAR Peer Persistence solution is VMware vMSC certified


Transparent Failover across Data Centers with Federated Storage

Extends storage federation across data centers allowing customers to set up a highly available IT infrastructure without compromising on business continuity.

Allows customers to maintain an uninterrupted storage infrastructure even in an event of a disaster with automatic and transparent switchover capability enabled by an orchestrator (quorum witness).

Eliminates silos by sharing and putting to use storage resources at disaster-recovery (DR) sites with primary sites during normal business operations.

Makes data available and instantly accessible to hosts even as they move across data centers by taking advantage of new enhancements in SCSI protocol.

Continuous Data Access with a Data Center

Enables a highly available, completely redundant storage system infrastructure within a datacenter where a pair of any 3PAR StoreServ systems in a Peer Persistence relationship can provide continuous access to data even when one of the storage systems have a planned or unplanned downtime.

Provides an extremely available, always-on storage solution that can withstand failure of an entire array without any impact to their mission-critical applications.

Load Balancing Across Systems or Sites

Allows customers to use both their primary and secondary sites actively thereby enabling a much efficient usage model for their IT infrastructure.

Enables VMware vMotion and makes it transparent to applications running on the migrated VMs avoiding application outage and the resulting business impact.

Provides a simple and easy way to test DR scenarios without impacting business applications, thereby preparing customers better for any unplanned site failover.

Integrated with HPE 3PAR Software Stack

Provides federated high availability on top of the existing 3PAR Remote Copy infrastructure without the need for any additional hardware or appliance.

Works in conjunction with 3PAR Remote Copy Synchronous mode to ensure data currency and transactional continuity for VMs moving across data centers.

Integrates with HPE 3PAR Recovery Manager Suite to help achieve recovery time objectives (RTO) set by customers even in a federated deployment.