HPE Proactive Care Advanced Service expands on HPE Proactive Care Service and is designed to help you maximize the benefits of IT investments, maintain IT infrastructure stability, achieve business and IT project objectives, reduce operational costs, and free your IT staff for other priority tasks. Your assigned HPE Account Support Manager (ASM) provides personalized technical and operational advice, including HPE best practices gleaned from HPE’s broad
support experience. HPE Proactive Care Advanced can help to save you time with real-time monitoring and analysis of your devices that are connected to HPE, creating personalized proactive reports with recommendations to help prevent problems in your IT infrastructure. Your ASM can also arrange specialist technical advice and assistance to complement your IT
skills to assist with specific projects, performance improvements, or other technical needs.


HPE Proactive Care Advanced can help you to manage your infrastructure with features designed to provide:

• Increased accountability and personalization through an assigned ASM, who will work with your IT team to share Hewlett Packard Enterprise best practices and specific technical advice relevant to your IT needs and projects

• Faster incident resolution from specially trained, solution-oriented advanced resources who manage the case from start to finish

• A CEM assigned to severity 1 incidents to drive faster resolution and provide regular progress updates to keep you informed