HPE ConvergedSystem for Cloud

Get compute, storage, networking and software – all in a fully-integrated and workload-optimised converged infrastructure system.

HPE Servers for Converged Cloud Systems HPE Servers for Converged Cloud Systems

Your Fastest Way to Converged Cloud

Now your customers can access secure cloud services quickly and easily through a fully integrated, private cloud. HPE ConvergedSystem for Cloud is an affordable, converged, full-stack solution that includes complete compute, server, storage, networking and software. And, it’s based on an open architecture to ensure maximum flexibility.


It comes loaded with HPE Helion CloudSystem, built for traditional and cloud native applications, delivering automation, orchestration and control, across multiple clouds.

Deploy Rapidly

Our end-to-end solution takes the guesswork out of integrating cloud hardware, software and service components. You can be fully operational in weeks – not months.

Innovate Faster

Quickly develop, deploy and deliver highly available and scalable cloud-native applications throughout your organisation, thanks to integration of the PaaS layer right into the system.

Protect Investment

The system is flexible and open, supporting hybrid cloud environments. You can leverage your existing data centre assets (including all that training and process management) and significantly lower the cost of entry.


Less Server Configuration Time¹


Fewer Management Tools²


Increase in IT Staff Savings³

HPE Helion CloudSystem Is Pushing Business Forward

IT Manager Monitors His Converged Cloud System

CENACE Is Positioned for Success with a Private Cloud

Corporación CENACE (CENTRO NACIONAL DE CONTROL DE ENERGIA) operates Ecuador’s entire electrical grid, coordinating with many organisations – generation, transmission and distribution companies. In its quest to deliver high-quality, real-time services, CENACE wanted a new foundation, an entirely new approach to managing IT and operations. CENACE built that foundation with a private cloud on HPE ConvergedSystem 700x.

A Complete Family of Cloud-enabled Converged Systems

Start with infrastructure that’s optimised for your workloads and manage it with industry-leading cloud management tools.

HPE ConvergedSystem 700

HPE ConvergedSystem 700

Get a tightly integrated, workload-optimised system that is easy to buy, manage and support. Factory-integrated server, storage, networking and management components are all preconfigured to handle your most demanding workloads. HPE Helion CloudSystem on HPE ConvergedSystem 700x for cloud offers additional flexibility in deploying a cloud solution with advanced compute and SAN.

HPE Hyper Converged 380

HPE Hyper Converged 380

A complete virtualisation solution, the HPE Hyper Converged 380 delivers proven architecture for cloud with integrated compute, storage and virtualisation. The system features simplified upgrades, increased uptime and service levels, value from analytics and reduced costs with investment protection for the future.

HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft CPS – Standard

HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft CPS – Standard

For Microsoft Cloud Platform System Standard, our Microsoft Azure-consistent platform gives you the flexibility to choose the right mix of on-premise and public cloud capabilities. And HPE Helion CloudSystem enables you to pursue a hybrid cloud strategy on the HPE Hyper Converged 250 with support for multiple hypervisors and public cloud providers.

HPE | Microsoft Azure Stack solution

HPE | Microsoft Azure Stack solution

Transform your onsite data centre resources into agile and flexible cloud services with the HPE | Microsoft Azure Stack solution. It’s the best of both worlds – the speed of a public cloud within a secure, cost-effective onsite private cloud environment.

HPE CloudSystem

The Leading Private Cloud Platform for a Hybrid World

Get a fully integrated, end-to-end, private cloud solution built for traditional and cloud-native workloads. Deliver automation, orchestration and control across multiple clouds.

HPE Helion OpenStack

HPE Helion OpenStack
Developers can quickly deliver apps using a modern and open self-service platform. IT controls how apps are deployed while developers focus on coding.


Brochure : Accelerate Your Journey to Open Hybrid Cloud with HPE Helion CloudSystem


Accelerate your journey to a simple, manageable cloud. Integrate cloud computing with your existing IT environment for the maximum ROI.

Brochure : Building HPE Helion CloudSystem on HPE ConvergedSystem Platforms


Get needed speed with HPE Helion CloudSystem, running on an HPE ConvergedSystem. Speed your time-to-value using a pre-integrated, pre-tested system.

Brochure : Raise the Bar: HPE Helion CloudSystem


Find out everything you need to know about HPE Helion CloudSystem, and raise the bar on your data centre efficiency.

White Paper : HPE Helion CloudSystem built on HPE ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual

White Paper

Steps and best practices for configuring the HPE Helion CloudSystem built on the HPE ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual solution.

Solution Brief : HPE ConvergedSystem 700: Architected for On-Demand IT Infrastructure

Solution Brief

This technical system guide outlines the design objectives for HPE ConvergedSystem 700 and provides detailed information on solution components.

Solution Brief : HPE Converged Architecture with Arista

Solution Brief

Solutions optimised for support high-performance, highly virtualised workloads that generate heavy network traffic and require large bandwidth.

Blog Post : HPE ConvergedSystem 700: Needed Agility to Transition to the New Style of IT

Blog Post

Review of HPE ConvergedSystem 700 with fast time to delivery, integrated and lifecycle management along with flexibility for business requirements.

Software : Download: HPE Helion CloudSystem Evaluation


HPE Helion CloudSystem is the next generation cloud management software designed to deliver core and advanced infrastructure services as well as platform and application services. Get a 90-day evaluation.

  • 1.

    Based on HPE testing as of August 2013 comparing HP One View v1.00 vs. traditional HP management tools, each deploying 16 servers. Test was to configure the networks, enclosure, template and profiles. HP OneView takes 14 minutes of an admins time vs. traditional HPE management tools taking 170 minutes of admin time.

  • 2.

    Based on HPE testing in May 2014 comparing HPE OneView 1.10 vs. traditional approach to server and storage management requiring eight tools.

  • 3.

    ESG White Paper: “Analyzing the Economic Value of HPE ConvergedSystem 700 in an Enterprise Environment”, December 2014.