Revolutionising healthcare with artificial intelligence

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Today, the ability of computers to exhibit intelligence and gain a better understanding of the world through complex algorithms and massive data sets is improving nearly every stage of the healthcare model.

This technical white paper discusses the importance of investing in AI and deep learning tools that can accelerate real-time insights and intelligence. It also explains how HPE and NVIDIA are working together to drive major improvements to system design, and offer the support and expertise that is needed to help the healthcare industry accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies.

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Learn how NVIDIA and HPE are working together to help the healthcare industry accelerate the adoption of innovation to converge massive datasets into actionable insight.

Harnessing the superior parallel processing power of GPUs   2

Amplifying human imagination and intelligence   2

Deep learning platforms that accelerate real-time insights   3

Increasing the accessibility of GPU-powered deep learning   3

Conclusion  4