Scale-Out Enterprise File and Object Storage


Technical Specifications


  • Scality RING deployments start at 200 TB of usable capacity and may be deployed on as few as three server nodes, expanding to petabytes of capacity across multiple data centers.

Host interface

  • Scality RING is designed for Ethernet fabrics, between 10GbE and 100GbE.

Protocol supported

  • Each RING storage systems supports an AWS IAM and S3-compatible API in addition to file system protocols NFS v4 with Kerberos and IPv6 support, and SMB 2.0.

Replication support

  • Replication is a standard cost-saving feature which can span multiple datacenter sites without needing to purchase additional licenses for replicated data.

Storage expansion options

  • Scality RING systems can be expanded by adding HDD capacity to Apollo 4000 servers, providing granular growth steps from 200 TB to a petabyte or more. Rings can be expanded continuously with the addition of three or more server nodes using the latest generations of systems, without needing to refresh original equipment.

Compatible operating systems

  • Scality RING runs on Linux operating systems RHEL 7.x or CentOS 7.x