How can we manage data growth, as well as cut network attached storage (NAS) and backup costs while evolving to cloud and flash?

Drastically reduce NAS and backup costs by finding cold data and transparently archiving it to cost-efficient HPE storage. Analyze, move, and access data across any NAS and cloud with the industry leading Komprise solution from HPE Complete. In minutes, get much needed visibility into unstructured data across multi-vendor storage. Manage data at scale across on-premises and cloud without ever getting in front of hot data or metadata.

Komprise is delivered via the HPE Complete program, which provides a convenient one-stop purchasing experience with the security that the Komprise product is fully interoperability validated with HPE infrastructure, and easy-to-use integration guides and tools.

The Komprise Software provided by HPE Complete enables you to modernize your storage architecture and handle data growth with flat budgets.

What's new

  • Komprise cold data management solutions delivered directly from Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Seamlessly and Transparently Move Data

Komprise, by policy, archives cold data to HPE scale out storage.

Deliver transparent user access to archived data from the original NAS.

Access data from HPE Storage and cloud with zero lock-in.

Data Usage Analysis

Komprise solution finds cold data across your storage vendors (NFS, SMB).

Projects savings based on moving cold data from expensive storage and backups.

Deep Analytics

Komprise finds the right data across billions of files of storage.

Creates virtual data lakes for new applications like Big Data, AI and ML.

Uses API and UI driven custom queries with custom tagging.

Modernize Data Environment

Komprise significantly reduces storage and backup costs.

Evolve to flash and cloud with no disruption or lock-in.