How can I easily gain business intelligence from all of my data?

Data discovery capabilities are now prevalent in new purchasing requirements as alternatives to traditional business intelligence tools. Governed data discovery, the ability to meet the dual demands of enterprise IT and business users, remains a largely unmet challenge. The ThoughtSpot solution through HPE Complete is a new breed of search engine designed for enterprise analytics. The ThoughtSpot Relational Search Appliance fills this gap as a first-of-its kind product that enables easy access to data to every business user while meeting the scale and security requirements of IT. Its relational search technology lets business people analyze company data in seconds and helps BI and analytics teams significantly cut their reporting backlogs. The ThoughtSpot solution is designed for enterprise-scale, security, and governance and rapidly deploys and connects with data from on-premise and cloud data sources.


Relational Search Engine

The ThoughtSpot Solution, available through HPE Complete, provides a guided search experience designed for fast analytics at scale while hiding the complexity of database schemas and queries from the user.

The ranking algorithm for search suggestions leverages collective intelligence from prior usage, security rules, and characteristics of your data such as cardinality and data type.

Real-time keyword validation for customizable synonyms, homonyms, and misspelled words for enterprise-wide usability.

Use search to incorporate formulas, group sums, nested searches, many-to-many joins, and multiple join paths.

Visualization Engine

ThoughtSpot automatically chooses an excellent chart based on your search and presents them on live dashboards.

Intelligently chooses from dozens of visualizations as you type and presents them in real time.

It provides a drag-and-drop story building experience to help you organize insights on live dynamic dashboards.

It includes adhoc drill down across any data dimension without the need for a hierarchy or predefined drill path.


ThoughtSpot provides real-time comments on analyses and one-click sharing of charts and dashboards.

One-click sharing with groups and individual users combined with an activity feed show you real-time updates.

Chart annotations and pinboard messaging for collaboration in context.

Data Cache and Cluster Manager

ThoughtSpot provides fully embedded in-memory columnar data cache for rapid computation on billions of rows, built with a massively parallel processing (MPP), scale-out architecture for speed and scale.

It provides distributed framework with enterprise-class fault tolerance for software and hardware, built-in monitoring, alerts, single-step upgrade, and backup options.

Database connectors are certified by the world’s most popular extract, transform, load (ETL) platforms and has flat file uploading for fast parallel data loading.