Do you have data center Fibre Channel (FC) or Ethernet interconnect issues?

The Smartoptics solution available through HPE Complete provides simple and cost-effective embedded coarse or dense wavelength-division multiplexing (C/DWDM) systems that work directly in FC and Ethernet switches instead of separate stand-alone systems. Synchronizing and replicating independent service lines between data centers is key to successful implementation of a remote backup or disaster recovery policy. Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is the technology of choice for transporting huge amounts of data over a dedicated fibre but WDM systems designed for the carriers has made it complex and expensive for providers. The Smartoptics solution offers an end-to-end, layer one, tested, and embedded C/DWDM solution with the major FC switch vendors. Smartoptics M-Series intelligent C/DWDM multiplexer enables a mix of 16/8 G FC or 10 G Ethernet to be synchronously connected up to distances of 300 km.

What's new

  • New 100G DWDM QSFP28 Transceiver Modules supporting 100/40G now available.


Unmanaged Embedded Course or Dense Wave Division Multiplexing Networking

Smartoptics solution available through HPE Complete, delivers wavelength-specific optical transceivers connecting directly into the FC/WAN switch. It transmits the output signal from the switch as a specific optical protocol specific wavelength.

Each optical signal (16/8 Gb or FC /10/1 GE) is transported as an independent course or dense wavelength C/DWDM wavelength.

Passive multiplexer gathers all these wavelength-specific signals together and multiplexes them on to a single fiber network.

Simple patch panel approach for multiple data signals delivers a green data center (no power, noise, or emissions), with a cost-effective method for data center connectivity of up to 80 km.

It is approved and supported by Brocade®.

Managed Embedded DWDM Networking

The Smartoptics solution includes the DCP-M and M-Series, an intelligent plug-and-play DWDM multiplexer to provide integrated signal conditioning, dispersion control, and amplifiers. It extends the embedded approach for longer distances.

Handles all data protocols up to 100 G per channel in a simple plug-and-forget approach.

Cost-effective open line networking platform for corporate data center and data communications connectivity. Reduced complexity and low signal latency, true open line networking with no restrictions.

Ethernet and Fibre Channel Extension with OSI Layer 1 Encryption

The Smartoptics solution also includes the DCP-1610 high-density multichannel, multirate transponder module for Ethernet and Fibre Channel wide area extension.

The module is an ideal complement to the embedded approach when interconnecting existing devices over a DWDM network. As an option, DCP 1610 supports OSI Layer 1 AES-256 encryption for each individual channel, providing high security in sensitive applications.

Accepts any combination of embedded DWDM, transponders, and muxponders. True open line networking with no restrictions.

HPE Complete Smartoptics Solution

The Smartoptics solution reduces the number of data center interconnect fibres needed by transporting all types of traffic simultaneously over a single dark fibre, delivering a simple and cost-effective data communications network.

There are no restrictions on the input types with embedded DWDM transceivers or transponders.

It is applicable to all synchronous data replication and distance extension applications.

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