Want to provide the best performance and user experience for your VDI deployment?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA® have joined forces to deliver a new generation of VDI platforms, built from the ground up for today’s work from anywhere, at any time digital workplace. The tightly integrated solution combines high-performance HPE servers and systems with industry leading virtual GPU technology from NVIDIA.

HPE Servers, NVIDIA vGPUs, and NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software create an immersive, high-quality user experience for everyone from engineers and designers to knowledge workers.

Accelerate IT performance by unleashing VDI performance, scalability, and agility for businesses of all sizes. Allocate resources on-the-fly with composable infrastructure. Save space and money with ultra-high GPU density platforms. Streamline operations with HPE OneView management. HPE delivers complete VDI solutions that are easy to configure, source, and deploy.


Virtualize any Application

NVIDIA vGPU software together with HPE servers enable applications that can run on a physical or virtual desktop, with a consistently great user experience, expanding an organization’s virtualization footprint.

NVIDIA virtual GPU technology provides powerful virtual desktops with leading-edge performance, exceptional user experience, and innovative, value added software features, such as GPU live migration support.

NVIDIA has an extensive portfolio of professional application certifications on its Quadro drivers. NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software leverages the same Quadro technology that powers many of the world’s professional workstations.

Superior Performance

NVIDIA vGPU software and HPE server solutions provide next generation computer graphics and performance for both graphics and CUDA™-based AI/DL/HPC workloads.

The result for each environment is consistent performance with flexible vGPU scheduler options that leverage the latest NVIDIA Turing™ architecture.

Simplified Deployment

NVIDIA vGPU software running on HPE servers provides access to management and monitoring insights to easily understand GPU utilization during the assessment and proof-of-concept phase and help ensure an enhanced user experience from day one.

The guesswork, risk of inefficient, underutilized, or undersized infrastructure that isn't optimized for cost-effective performance solution design are all avoided.

Proactive Management with Improved Data Center Utilization and Flexibility

NVIDIA vGPU software lets IT admins spend less time troubleshooting and more time focusing on strategic projects.

With NVIDIA vGPU software you can achieve true end-to-end management and monitoring with real-time insight into GPU performance, migration technology, partner integrations – including Citrix Director, VMware vROPS/vRealize, and more that let you use the tools you know without scripting or rebooting.

As part of an overall HPE solution, the same NVIDIA GPUs that run AI and DL can also run virtual desktops. Run both compute and graphics workloads – VDI by day, compute by night - to maximize utilization of data center resources, ensure investment protection, and maximize ROI.

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