Is your organization seeking to optimize your application portfolio but you’re not sure how to determine the right mix of on-premises and off-premises options?

The CloudGenera solution available through the HPE Complete program provides comprehensive decision analytics for your hybrid cloud brokerage. Beyond easily modeling use cases and evaluation vendors, you can rebalance your cloud portfolio and respond quickly to market changes. Start with directionally correct templates, gather data points and create scorecards to drive adoption of your cloud strategy. Our decision analytics package has all that you need to accelerate adoption of your cloud strategy while minimizing risk. CloudGenera is a SaaS-based decision platform that simplifies and accelerates IT decisions. Existing decision approaches such as bulky spreadsheets are inefficient, time-consuming and error-prone. CloudGenera shrinks the time to model, analyze, and recommend an infrastructure or platform vendor and solution.

What's new

  • CloudGenera is a new offering through HPE Complete.


Benefits of CloudGenera

CloudGenera software, available via HPE Complete program, quickly compares multiple options across providers.

Evaluate a variety of business cases.

Receive actionable, real-time recommendations.

Accelerate adoption of your cloud strategy.

Deliver a repeatable process for cloud decisions.

What Can You Expect to Accomplish?

CloudGenera software assess and prioritize application portfolio cloud decisions.

Justify application cloud transformation.

Compare public cloud providers to your private cloud capabilities.

Govern use of approved cloud solutions.

Organize and manage public and private providers.

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