Are you looking for enterprise-class performance and fault tolerance for the data on your HPE Synergy Compute Modules?

The HPE Smart Array P240nr Controller is a flexible Smart Array, 12 Gb/s SAS RAID controller that provides enterprise-class storage performance and data protection for HPE Synergy Compute Modules. It features four internal physical links and delivers increased compute module uptime by providing advanced storage functionality with Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC) and pre-failure warning.

Multiple HPE Smart Array Controllers are supported with a single HPE Smart Storage Battery without needing additional backup power source for each controller, resulting in a simple upgrade process and at a reduced cost.


Higher Performance for Applications

The HPE Smart Array P240nr Controller delivers 12 Gb/s SAS connectivity for HPE Synergy Compute Modules when connected to 12 Gb/s storage devices for increased performance in OS boot, messaging or database applications.

Offers integrated 1 GB DDR3-1866 MHz Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC) providing up to 7.46 GB/s cache bandwidth. The FBWC allows long-term data retention and improved data reliability in a power outage scenario.

Provides both read and write acceleration for workloads such as databases or Web pages when used with the optional HPE SmartCache.

Data Protection with Encryption Capability

The HPE Smart Array P240nr Controller offers optional HPE Secure Encryption capability that protects data at rest on any HPE supported storage devices attached to the controller while in RAID mode.

The HPE Secure Encryption allows customers to protect data at rest and any transient data moving in and out of the FBWC. The solution allows customers to scale from local to remote mode using HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager.

Efficient and Simple Configuration

The HPE Smart Array P240nr Controller and the attached storage devices are configured and managed by the easy–to–use HPE Smart Storage Administrator which is included in the intelligent provisioning of the compute module.

Data compatibility between the HPE Smart Array Controller family allows simple and easy migration at any time when needs for higher performance, capacity, or availability increase such as converting an existing storage volume to more advanced disk array configuration.

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