Wouldn’t it be easier if you could manage multiple simultaneous installations using multiple releases of HP-UX?

Simplify and speed up your HP-UX installation while gaining additional recovery capabilities with HPE Ignite-UX. With this administrative toolset you can manage simultaneous installations on a variety of server blades and systems. You can also create custom configurations and recovery media.

What's new

  • Simplify deployment with easier creation of Golden Images for server clients.
  • Increase flexibility when configuring root- and data- disk groups with cold installation and archive/restore support, with Veritas File System/Volume Management 5.1SP1 software.
  • Enhance the secure development life cycle by supporting signature verification in a signed depot.


Simplify the Installation of HP-UX on Your Integrity Servers

HPE Ignite-UX manages the simultaneous installation of HP-UX 11i, v1, v2 and v3 on multiple HPE Integrity server blades and systems and HPE PA-RISC systems.

Create custom installation configurations (golden images) for multiple installations on clients.

Create recovery media and recovers HP-UX clients both locally and remotely.

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