Do you need automated tools for migrating a UNIX® environment to HP-UX?

The HP-UX Software Transition Kit (STK) provides tools and documentation to assist in transitioning your previous source code to the HP-UX operating system. This easy, efficient and proven low-risk approach moves your applications smoothly and securely.


Convert UNIX Source Code to HP-UX Smoothly and Securely

HP-UX Software Transition Kit (STK) provides a proven, low-risk approach to moving your Solaris, Linux, AIX, or Tru64 UNIX platforms easily and efficiently.

The STK lets you scan source code written in C, C++, and Fortran, as well as shell scripts and make files, to produce a report that identifies porting issues to be resolved and provide guidance on how to resolve them.

The STK features scanning tools, with associated database and information, to check source files, make files, and scripts for identifiers that indicate potential transition problems. These tools also identify opportunities for using enhanced HP-UX features.

The STK assists in planning your source code transition by predetermining the number of instances of API impacts in your source files. The key to a successful transition lies in the planning and impact

The STK includes a library of reference documents and porting guides to provide assistance throughout the porting process.

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