Do you need to ensure that your business keeps running even in the event of a natural disaster?

Experience utmost disaster tolerance for your data-centers regardless of distance with HPE Serviceguard Continentalclusters. It provides high availability within and between your clusters by continuously monitoring the health of your server systems. It can also protect from small failures within a cluster or failover a full cluster in the case of a disaster. With no additional hardware needed for implementation, Serviceguard Continentalclusters turns your business continuity infrastructure into a productive asset that supports daily operations, increasing the return on your business continuity investments.

What's new

  • 4 times the workload recovery capabilities during failover for Continentalclusters 3PAR


Advance Your Data-Center to the Highest Level of Disaster Recovery

HPE Serviceguard Continentalcluster provides back-up and failover capabilities across unlimited distances.

Protect your entire workload with whole cluster failover, instead of select workloads.

Run mission-critical services in both of your Continentalclusters clusters with the ability to recover to the other using mutual recovery capabilities.

Decide when you need to failover to optimize your results with push-button.

Choose the Optimal Storage for Your Disaster Recovery

HPE Serviceguard Continentalcluster provides flexible storage management options using Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

Utilize HPE Virtual Machines as failover packages or nodes with HPE 3PAR, HPE XP P9000 or P6000 EVA storage arrays.

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