Network Management/Security Software

Networks are growing in complexity to meet customer and user expectations for BYOD, high performance, resiliency, and flexibility. Often the methods used to investigate issues are disruptive, time-consuming and have unintended consequences.
The Aruba Network Visualizer SDN Application by utilizing Aruba VAN SDN Controller provides dynamic traffic capture with real-time detailed network monitoring allowing for fast network diagnosis and verification, rapid transition from incident to fix. The Network Visualizer integration with ClearPass helps identify infected devices leading to better security.

What's new

  • Aruba ClearPass integration allows for backtracking infected devices and includes REST API for automated capture sessions.
  • Locate devices on the network based on ClearPass user ID.
  • Identify network connectivity issues using Aruba ClearPass data.
  • Packet loss analysis for SDN-enabled path.


Real-time Visibility and Diagnosis

The Aruba Network Visualizer SDN Application provides dynamic traffic capture to diagnose the root cause of the network.

Aruba Network Visualizer proactively monitors the network to reduce the number of help desk issues.

Low Cost , Simple and Automated Troubleshooting

The Aruba Network Visualizer SDN Application allows for simple troubleshooting that requires delivery of high-level network detail.

The application eliminates the need for any expensive manual network tapping tools for troubleshooting.

Fast Transition from Incident to Fix

The Aruba Network Visualizer SDN Application solves network issues in a matter of seconds versus minutes.

Aruba Network Visualizer with ClearPass integration can locate network performance constraints leading to faster troubleshooting.

Enhanced Security

The Aruba Network Visualizer application will integrate with Aruba ClearPass to perform security backtrack for infected devices.