New Zealand and the changing cyber security world

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The cyber world is changing. Where, even a few years ago, the focus was on protecting organisations by securing their perimeters – today it is recognised that this alone is no longer adequate. There are now a much wider variety of attack surfaces to be understood, and to be protected. The rise of mobility and cloud is driving a fundamentally diff erent paradigm into organisations still organised around traditional lines. The need to engage with mobile customers and cloud-based ecosystems (“digital engagement”) is essential for commercial success in many industry sectors today. In addition, businesses have created networks of protected relationships that need to be secure. But these new realities raise questions around security, identity, privacy and ease-of-use, which drive fundamentally diff erent cyber security considerations. Ease of engagement, transparency of access and location awareness are key criteria when it comes to enabling an organisation to be successful in engaging mobile customers and employees, however security requirements can inhibit these factors and potentially put them at odds with the objectives of the marketing or IT departments.

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