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HPE Storage Cash Back Offers

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HPE Storage Cash Back Offers

Save up to $100 when you buy HPE RDX or

Receive up to $250 when you buy HPE LTO Ultrium cartridges

There’s never been a better time for you to discover how HPE Storage can help your business.

With HPE RDX 3 TB, all your data goes business class.

For a busy team with limited IT resources, backing up server data in your branch offices can be tough. Lots of data to keep safe and sound, and very little time to do it. But at headquarters, you need to know nothing’s being left to chance. There’s only one solution up to the task. HPE RDX. A proven and trusted business-class product that scales from 500 GB up to a massive 3 TB. It’s fast, secure, portable and integrates perfectly in any size branch environment. Plus, with software-controlled scheduling and data encryption, it’s easy to make sure the data’s backed up – everywhere. And because it’s local, it’s just as easy to get it back in a hurry.

HPE LTO Ultrium is tested to extremes for your peace of mind


HPE LTO Ultrium tests 500 tapes from two separate production batches

The LTO Ultrium standard requires testing on just 66 tapes.

HPE LTO Ultrium tests 2,500 times for successful file locate, retrieve, and append operations

The LTO Ultrium standard requires media to pass this test just 250 times.

HPE LTO Ultrium also tests for things the LTO Ultrium standards do not require

  • Full Volume Life Test requires no capacity lost or significant error rate degradation on the same cartridge
  • Green Tape Test requires 1,000 tapes pulled 462,000 miles
  • Environmental Interchange Testing requires testing the full interchange across multiple brand drives in a variety of environmental conditions for 24 hours
  • Load/Unload Test requires load/unload 20,000 times
  • Drop Test requires a successful drop from 3.2 feet
  • Shoeshine Test requires that rewind-read-error check is repeated 25,000 times
  • Shipping and Storage Tests

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