Power seamless data protection across clouds

With data at the heart of your organization, you need to ensure it’s protected, recoverable, and accessible for secondary use cases. That means you’ll need a portfolio of data protection solutions that can protect against ransomware and deliver fast, reliable recovery, agile cloud backup, and cost-effective data archive. For all of that, there’s HPE.

Get data protection as-a-service

Access agile, on-demand data protection solutions that replace management overhead and capex expense with predictable, consumption-based billing aligned to business needs. Always have the capacity you need, and enjoy worry-free data protection from edge to cloud.

Make data protection effortless

Wherever your data resides, leverage policy-based automation and orchestration to eliminate data protection complexity and meet all your SLAs. Policy-based automation lets you easily start protecting your data — in a few simple steps and within minutes.

Protect your cloud workloads

Leverage seamless, cloud-native backup and recovery for your AWS workloads. Drive speed, agility, and security with instant restores, rapid recovery in the cloud, and cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud.

Unrivaled hybrid cloud data protection options

Combine the industry’s best ransomware protection and disaster recovery in Zerto with the effortless cloud-native backup of HPE Backup and Recovery Service, and you have enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud data protection that’s second to none.

Industry-best ransomware and disaster recovery

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, drives agility and security across your organization with comprehensive ransomware protection, disaster recovery, and data protection as a service for any app, any cloud, and any recovery SLA. Ensure continuous availability via simple, fast recovery from disruptions, globally consistent operations, and seamless app and data mobility across clouds.

Backup as a service built for hybrid cloud

Enjoy simple hybrid cloud backup and recovery from a single pane of glass. Easily protect your on-premises VMs or Amazon EBS and ECS resources via automation and consistent global protection policies. Meet every SLA with instant restores, rapid recovery, and cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud. Secure your data with built-in ransomware protection — and save on storage costs with ultra-efficient data reduction and predictable consumption-based pricing.

Speed operations on-prem with a hybrid approach

Harness the speed and security of on-premises data center protection while accessing economical archive in the cloud. HPE StoreOnce does it all — with rapid recovery, effortless scale from small, remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers, and reduced footprint and backup costs.

Protect your data — wherever it is

Harness industry-leading data protection solutions and expert services from HPE Pointnext Services to get integrated, end-to-end resilience and risk reduction from data center to cloud to edge.

Eliminate data protection complexity

Make data protection self-managing with automated, intelligent, multi-tiered solutions driven by policy and business need. Meet all your SLAs with accelerated backup performance at cloud scale — and mitigate threats with secure backups and high availability storage.

Move your data where it needs to be

Seamlessly cloud-enable your data protection workflows with native cloud integration. Backup only unique data to the cloud for 20x lower cloud storage costs.Assuming%20dedupe%20ratio%20of%2020%3A1%20as%20compared%20to%20a%20fully%20hydrated%20backup Store encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery.

Guard against ransomware attacks

Leverage strong defenses that enable you to restore data efficiently at any time. With HPE, business-critical backups are inaccessible to ransomware, immutable, and enable you to air-gap your AWS resources by storing backups outside AWS production accounts.

Access seamless data mobility

Combine the benefits of backups and snapshots in an application-managed, storage- integrated solution. HPE Recovery Manager Central delivers fast, simple, and affordable data protection from edge to cloud. Efficiently move your data and avoid egress charges by sending and storing only unique changes.

Get app-centric protection

Elevate performance and deduplication efficiency for enterprise apps like SAP HANA, Oracle, and SQL, and leading backup ISVs such as Commvault, Data Protector, Veritas, and Veeam. Enjoy unified management alongside lower cost and reduced risk.

Explore HPE Data Protection Solutions

Drive business advantage with a portfolio of intelligent, integrated data protection solutions from edge to cloud.

Success in action

Tencate recovers from ransomware in less than 10 minutes with Zerto

Having already been the victim of a damaging ransomware attack, Netherlands-based Tencate, a multinational textiles company, enlisted Zerto to enable comprehensive protection from cyber threats.


Having lost 12 hours of data and requiring two weeks to recover from a previous ransomware attack, Tencate was looking for a simple, effective ransomware protection solution.


Tencate chose to rely on the continuous data protection and down-to-the-minute RPO and RTO offered by Zerto.

“Honestly, in the recent attack, I was kind of laughing during the recovery. I knew I had a way out with Zerto… I chose a recovery point a few minutes before the infection, tested for the VM being clean, and connected the vNIC — back to work.”

Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer, Tencate


When a second ransomware attack hit, Tencate recovered, tested, and reconnected the affected servers in under 10 minutes — and lost only 10 seconds of data.

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