Maximise the value of aging assets
Maximise the value of aging assets
Engage in the Circular Economy to produce better business outcomes by sustainably managing your IT no matter the size of your business.
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As a new business landscape forms, the need to drive innovation and accelerate time-to-market is at an all-time high. As you look ahead, what can you do to ensure success? 

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Achieve more, faster, with greater results

In a recent study, ESG found that organisations achieve significant dividends when they partner with vendors that offer a combination of IT lifecycle management and financing solutions. Explore the findings of how organisations, like your own, have navigated the past year and new ways to build your own IT investment vitality.

Create IT investment strength

Get the tech you need and do more with your IT budget. With flexible IT investment solutions, you can have the freedom to move quickly and stay agile, the strength to pivot and the confidence that your business is always ready for what’s next.

Unlock the value of your IT estate

With innovative, sustainable IT asset strategies, you can ensure assets and financial plans align to your business goals. Make your IT investment a force – not a stumbling block.

Deliver the promise of the digital imperative

Your needs and business objectives drive our innovation agenda. Through partnership, you have access to expertise and digital tools to increase operational efficiency and help facilitate your IT asset economic decisions.


Build IT investment and lifecycle management strategies that accelerate your digital transformation today and help you stay flexible for future technology needs.

IT asset lifecycle solutions
Innovative, sustainable asset lifecycle strategies that ensure your IT and financial plans align to your business goals and make your investment a force multiplier – not a stumbling block.
IT financing for SMBs
Take advantage of flexible and custom SMB financing models to get access to the technology you need to support business continuity and drive your digital transformation.
IT investment solutions
Get the technology you need with the budget you have today. Our programmes make it easy for you structure expenses in the way that makes the most sense for your business.


MAY Tohum keeps food supply running for millions of people

Innovative seed company MAY Tohum was able to significantly reduce technology spend, helping the business to address immediate, financial requirements associated with the logistics challenges.

  • Challenge: Continue to operate normally during a global pandemic that brought entire economies to a halt, while also keeping innovative projects on track.
  • Solution: After carefully reevaluating its resources, May Tohum took advantage of HPE’s offer to defer technology payments for one year to preserve liquidity.
  • Outcome: The company was able to preserve liquidity, upgrade their IT infrastructure, and continue to produce innovative seeds that support the world’s food supply.
Accenture streamlines its global asset disposition supply chain

Accenture partnered with HPE Financial Services to advance their circular economy business objectives by extending the life of their IT assets and quantifying the environmental savings derived.

  • Challenge: Accenture was looking to streamline its global asset disposition supply chain to help track the full lifecycle of its products, decrease global security risk and increase cost efficiency and reporting capabilities.
  • Solution: The company partnered with HPE Financial Services to advance its circular economy business objectives by extending the life of its IT assets and quantifying the environmental savings derived.
  • Outcome: Accenture has received true market value for resold equipment, returning money to its IT budget. Regular circular economy reports allow the company to understand exactly how refurbishing assets has saved in terms of emissions, energy and metric tons of waste.
Protecting the environment and a financial institution’s data at the same time

Nationwide Building Society, the second-largest mortgage provider in the UK, provides a full range of financial services.  They required an environmentally friendly way to decommission 30,000 workplace devices.

  • Challenge: Due to COVID restrictions, all 30,000 employees were working from home throughout the UK.  This meant that the usual method for retrieving and eventually upcycling the devices was no longer possible.
  • Solution: HPEFS developed a secure, contactless protocol for devices to be returned directly to their tech renewal center in the UK.
  • Outcome: Nationwide’s sustainability goals were met, in spite of the immense challenge posed by a global pandemic.