Aruba Software

ArubaOS Software is the operating system for all Aruba controller-managed wireless LANs and Aruba Mobility Controllers. ArubaOS 6.5 is able to deliver a wide range of critical campus mobility services such as unified wired and wireless, enterprise grade security, simplified operations with centralized licensing and application aware visibility and control in AppRF.
ArubaOS 8 deployed as a virtual machine running on servers, is the operating system for all Aruba Mobility Controllers, Virtual Mobility Controllers, Mobility Master and controller-based access points. With an extensive set of integrated technologies and capabilities, ArubaOS 8 delivers automated RF planning ( AirMatch), multi tenancy in AP ( MultiZone), an always-on network (Controller Clustering) to support high density environments.


Architected for Seamless Mobility

ArubaOS Software provides seamless connectivity as users move throughout the network in a Wi-Fi environment.

With roaming handoff times of 2-3 milliseconds, delay-sensitive and persistent applications such as voice and video are uninterrupted.

ArubaOS integrates proxy mobile IP and proxy DHCP functions, letting users roam between subnets, ports, APs, and controllers without special client software.

Wireless Security Throughout the Network

ArubaOS Software performs authentication, access control, and encryption for users and devices to secure enterprise network.

ArubaOS uniquely supports AAA FastConnect, which allows the encrypted portions of 802.1X authentication exchanges to be terminated on the Mobility Controller, allowing it to federate between different identity stores, including RADIUS and LDAP.

Application-Aware Visibility and Role Based Security

The ArubaOS Software PEF license enhances user-centric security, application visibility, and control. It brings the power of a next-generation mobility firewall to the wireless edge, where most users traffic first touches the network.

PEF simplifies and enhances access security by adding full identity based security with integrated firewall controls applied on a per-user basis at the wireless edge.

ArubaOS also extends AppRF capabilities by adding the capability for customers to define custom application and application categories – AppRF Customization.

Remote Networking for Branch Offices and Teleworkers

ArubaOS Software integrates dedicated branch features on the Mobility Controller, including VPN termination on Mobility Controllers based in the campus or data center, and WAN services on Mobility Controllers deployed as a branch gateway.

Mobility Controllers in the campus handle all complex configuration, software updates, authentication, intrusion detection, and remote site termination tasks; while Mobility Controllers in the branch handle gateway tasks such as policy-based routing, compression, and local network functions.