HPE IMC Quality of Service (QoS) Software enhances visibility and control over QoS configurations on network devices and helps administrators focus on service planning and optimization of networking resources by providing a rich set of device and configuration management functions.

The IMC QoS Software allows administrators to organize traffic into different classes based on the configuration matching criteria and to provide differentiated services to optimize traffic and allocate network resources.

What's new

  • Greater bandwidth management as network administrators can organize network traffic.
  • Enhanced visibility and control over QoS on network devices.
  • Powerful re-allocation of network resources given bandwidth usage.
  • Visual picture of application traffic use and bandwidth utilization.


Control Over Traffic Allows for Better Allocation of Network Resources

The HPE IMC Quality of Service (QoS) Software assists in the management of traffic throughout a network for greater allocation of resources and traffic optimization.

Network administrators can set traffic classification policies in which the traffic is regulated with certain rules like the source address, IP protocol, or the port number of the application so that network resources can be reasonably allocated.

Improve Network Traffic Flow by Building QoS Policies

The HPE IMC Quality of Service (QoS) Software helps administrators understand the network traffic model.

Network administrators can leverage the Network Traffic Analyzer to create QoS policy throughout the complete network.

Configure Devices with QoS Manager

The HPE IMC (IMC) Quality of Service (QoS) Software automatically performs device configuration backups providing uniformity.

Network devices can be standardized and managed uniformly as startup configurations can be compared back to running configurations.