Do the changing needs of your organization require you to store, process and analyze growing amounts of data including semi-structured and unstructured, data from both new and existing data sources?

Cloudera Enterprise Software, combined with HPE ProLiant Servers, provides an industry leading solution to enable organizations to extract value from data. Cloudera and HPE enable teams to deploy Hadoop by delivering software and support for your adoption of this data management technology to manage these large and changing data sets.

HPE offers five different subscription structures to enable customers to select the right use case for their business: Basic, Data Engineering, Operational Database, Analytic Database, as well as the Enterprise Data Hub comprehensive platform. All versions include Cloudera Manager, an invaluable tool to install, deploy, monitor, manage and troubleshoot a Cloudera cluster. Cloudera also provides worldwide 24x7 or 8x5 support subscription.

What's new

  • Cloudera Enterprise Data Engineering Edition 1y 8x5 Bonze Support and 24x7 Gold Support and 3y 24x7 Gold Support.
  • Cloudera Enterprise Operational Database Edition 1y 8x5 Bonze Support and 24x7 Gold Support and 3y 24x7 Gold Support.
  • Cloudera Enterprise Analytical Database Edition 1y 8x5 Bonze Support and 24x7 Gold Support and 3y 24x7 Gold Support.


Hadoop for the Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise Software from HPE helps you become information-driven by leveraging the best of the open source community with the enterprise capabilities you need to succeed with Apache Hadoop in your organization.

Designed specifically for mission-critical environments, Cloudera Enterprise includes Cloudera Hadoop Distribution (CDH), the world’s most popular open source Hadoop-based platform.

CDH includes advanced system management and data management tools plus support and community advocacy from our team of Hadoop developers and experts.

Cloudera Enterprise with Apache Hadoop at the Core

Cloudera Enterprise Software from HPE is one massively scalable platform to store any amount or type of data, in its original form, for as long as desired or required.

Integrated with your existing infrastructure and analytical tools to reduce time to deployment.

Flexible to run a variety of enterprise workloads-including batch processing, interactive SQL, enterprise search and advanced analytics.

With Cloudera Enterprise Software, today’s leading organizations put their data at the center of their operations, to increase business visibility and reduce costs, while successfully managing risk and compliance requirements.

Has Everything You Need

Cloudera Enterprise Software includes Cloudera Manager to help you easily deploy, manage, monitor, and diagnose issues with your cluster. Cloudera Manager is critical for operating clusters at scale.

At the core of Cloudera Enterprise Software is CDH, which combines Apache Hadoop with a number of other open source projects to create a single, massively scalable system so you can unite storage with an array of powerful processing and analytics frameworks.

Cloudera Support provides one of the industry’s best technical support for Hadoop. Experience more uptime, faster issue resolution, better performance to support your mission critical applications, and faster delivery of the platform features you care about.

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