How does my organization more efficiently and effectively analyze data in my Hadoop cluster environment? HPE Vertica SQL on Hadoop offers the fastest and most enterprise-ready way to perform SQL queries on your Hadoop data. We’ve leveraged our years of experience in the big data analytics marketplace and opened up our platform to use the full power of the Hadoop cluster. By offering an open, fast and enterprise-ready implementation of SQL on Hadoop, users can perform analytics regardless of the format of data or Hadoop distribution used.

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Advanced ANSI SQL Analytics Ready for Your Enterprise

HPE Vertica for SQL on Hadoop provides advanced analytics by delivering full-functionality ANSI SQL capability, not a subset of commands. You can run TPC-DS benchmark queries without modification.

Supports major Hadoop distributions, including Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR.

Enterprise ready, just install Vertica for SQL Hadoop directly on your Hadoop infrastructure with no helper nodes and without a single point of failure.

Supports multiple data formats including data query across Parquet, ORC, JSON, and many other formats.

Deliver faster data queries. With a single command you can load data into the highly optimized Vertica environment providing increased performance.

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