Get the HPE GreenLake Experience with EDB Postgres

Eliminate lock-in to any one platform, tool set or price with an Oracle-compatible, enterprise-class data management platform delivered on-premises and built on open-source technology.

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Get the HPE GreenLake experience

Traditional database platforms can come with a heavy price tag and limited flexibility. With HPE GreenLake database as a service (DBaaS), you get an open-source, Oracle-compatible data management platform, built on optimised hardware from HPE, all in a pay-per-use model. Pair services as needed for migration, integration or performance-tuning.

You can get moving quickly with a pre-integrated solution that includes EDB Postgres software and HPE hardware that's tailored for database processing. There's no upfront cost so you can get started quickly, scale up or down as needed, and pay only for what you use. And you get full transparency into your usage and costs with HPE GreenLake Central, an intuitive, database as a service (DBaaS) platform that's included with your service. Also included are services to meter, monitor and manage capacity so you always have what you need, when you need it.

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Complete, built-for-purpose solution

Quick to implement and simple to manage, this database as a service (DBaaS) solution allows for rapid database migration with minimal risk and modern, multi-cloud open-source database transportability.

Flexible, pay-per-use economics

Our pay-per-use model offers financial simplicity and clarity. Lower your TCO by up to 70% over proprietary database structures.

Operated for you to free up resources

HPE delivers hardware, software and services so you can get your database platform up and running quickly. Add database expertise from HPE to assist with database operations, management, maintenance and planning.

Why HPE GreenLake?

Many businesses recognise the need to move to a new database platform and struggle with the challenges associated with database migrations. HPE GreenLake helps enterprises overcome database platform cost, scalability and performance challenges.

On average, HPE GreenLake customers report:


Shortened time to market

Easy capacity planning and a ready-to-use buffer speeds the deployment of global IT projects. 1


CAPEX savings

Eliminating overprovisioning and technology refresh spending cuts costs. 2


IT resource savings

Support, administration and planning are included with HPE GreenLake services. 3


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