High Performance Computing for Manufacturing and Engineering

Improve the product development cycle—from design concept to final validation—with advanced prototyping and simulation.

Shorten product development cycles

Time is business-critical in manufacturing with pressing demand for short product development cycles. Despite the demand, it is imperative to maintain quality which becomes nearly impossible without the right tools or technology.

Take advantage of high performance computing (HPC) systems with computer-aided engineering (CAE) software to ensure that as complexity and size of your datasets grow, iteration turnaround times remain low. Model and test with reliable results that quickly aid engineering decisions so you get better products to market faster.

HPE leadership in CAE

HPE brings decades of experience to HPC and industry-specific solutions. We recognize that manufacturers and engineering companies face significant challenges expanding their simulation capabilities. Our focus is on boosting your compute resources and scaling out your infrastructure—effortlessly.

We accomplish this in partnersip with ANSYS, the leading provider of virtual prototyping and engineering simulation software. For over 20 years, HPE and ANSYS have partnered to create solutions that accelerate product development and reduce time to market for manufacturers across aerospace, automotive, electronics, durable goods, and more.

Transform your entire design system

Discover the HPE ANSYS Solution for CAE. ANSYS provides the software that drives an information-based product development process. HPE provides the innovative and cost-effective HPE Apollo 2000 system—a scalable, reliable HPC platform. Together, ANSYS and HPE deliver a solution that helps you blast past the competition with faster, more efficient product design.

HPC customer success

HPC speeds design for Dasher client

Dasher Technologies used the HPE ANSYS Solution for CAE reference architecture to build a scalable cluster that processes a customer’s simulations faster and runs larger jobs on more nodes. Dasher’s implementation maintained the client’s familiar workflow from local to remote compute, and included managed services to provide ongoing support and monitoring.

Components of the HPE ANSYS Solution for CAE

Apollo 2000 optimized for CAE

HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10

Leverage twice the density of traditional rack mount systems by using an efficient, shared infrastructure.  Have the flexibility to run up to 4 servers within a 2U chassis, and the ability to mix and match nodes to optimize workloads.

ANSYS performs exceptionally on HPE systems


The leader in virtual prototyping delivers software tuned to perform exceptionally on HPE systems—parallel scaling on today's mutli-core processors. ANSYS offers a seamless working exchange of data, regardless of location or CAE environment.

Managed Service Partners are ANSYS Certified

Managed services partners

Make the move from workstations to the HPE Apollo 2000 with the help of partners such as X-ISS and TotalCAE. Our partners are ANSYS certified on the HPE solution and can provide full cluster administration for your CAE environment.

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