HPE Integrity with HP-UX

Highly integrated UNIX operating system and tools that deliver the highest availability, reliability, and security on mission-critical HPE Integrity servers.

Build the best UNIX mission-critical environment

Streamline your operations with the right UNIX computing environment. HP-UX is a highly integrated UNIX operating system built on the always-on resiliency of mission-critical HPE Integrity servers to give you a dynamic, secure, and unified environment. 


of G100 banks use HP-UX1


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HPE advances the HP-UX Platform with new Integrity i6 Servers

Available in June, the HPE Integrity i6 servers with the HP-UX 11i v3 2017 update release provide business continuity and investment protection for mission-critical HP-UX workloads while delivering better efficiencies and performance.

HP-UX Mission-Critical functionality

UNIX highly integrated operating system and tools that deliver the highest reliability, availability, and security on mission-critical HPE Integrity servers.

Business continuity

Protect your business’s most critical applications and services to keep your business on target. HPE Serviceguard addresses the financial, business, and operational impacts of planned and unplanned downtime in demanding HP-UX environments.


Respond rapidly to business requirements and reduce costs with efficient utilisation of your IT resources. HP-UX Virtualisation consolidates workloads and gets the most out of your HPE Integrity servers running HP-UX. Our broad HP-UX Virtualisation portfolio offers technologies ranging from partitioning to virtual machines and containers.


Protect your mission-critical data, systems, and identities from external and internal threats and facilitate regulatory compliance. HP-UX security solutions encompass a comprehensive portfolio of security features, all licensed and fully supported by HPE.

Private cloud

Manage your mission-critical workloads with flexibility and resiliency in a secure private cloud using HPE mission-critical converged infrastructure. HPE Helion CloudSystem is a unified hybrid IT ecosystem that delivers hosting, automation, and orchestration of traditional and cloud native workloads. OpenStack for HP-UX support enables you to use Integrity-based servers and HP-UX Operating System in your private cloud, modernise your infrastructure, and move towards private cloud paradigm.

Additional HP-UX Mission-Critical functionality

System management

Simplify manageability, deliver uninterrupted computing excellence, and have peace of mind with single-view management tools that cover the full breadth of your installation.

Storage management

Increase flexibility and adaptability to manage your applications and data with file system and storage management tools.

Utility pricing

Make high availability more cost-effective. HPE Instant Capacity is a highly virtualised, automated, and easily managed utility to defer hardware costs, simplify capacity planning, improve resource utilisation, and eliminate over provisioning.

Development and performance tools

Build, edit, debug, and deploy your own applications for critical workloads using our rich application development environment, available through open source or partners.

Internet and networking solutions

The core of HP-UX 11i networking is a versatile implementation of the TCP/IP stack, capable of simultaneous support for both version 4 and version 6 of the IP protocol.

Tools assisting migration to HP-UX

Migrate your vital workloads to HP-UX 11i v3 on HP Integrity systems i4 servers using our proven, low risk, and cost-effective migration frameworks tools and methodologies.  

Quick facts

HP-UX is HPE's implementation of the UNIX operating system that comes pre-integrated on mission-critical HPE Integrity servers. Originally released in 1984, HP-UX is designed for longevity, stability and proven RAS, with each release being supported for at least 10 years.

HP-UX delivers for customers

Burson Automotive handles growth with scalable infrastructure

Burson replaced existing infrastructure with scalable and stable systems to cope with business growth and reduced total cost of ownership, with a 15 month payback period.

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited doubles IT performance

CIBIL increased revenue due to processing 50% more transactions, up from 10 million to 15 million reports each day.

Greaves Cotton modernises and cuts mission-critical TCO

Greaves replaced its IT infrastructure and reduced power consumption by 27% and heat dissipation by 30%.

Choose the right operating environment for you

Meet your specific UNIX mission-critical requirements. HP-UX offers four operating environments tailored to specific needs.

Base OE (BOE)

Comprehensive security and system management that includes HPE Systems Insight Manager functionality with power management, health check, and deployment tools. It also provides full performance analysis tools for kernel processes and applications, as well as base file system and volume management.

Virtualisation Server OE (VSE-OE)

Resource optimisation that integrates advanced file system and volume management with system-level performance analysis, plus a full complement of HP-UX virtualisation and infrastructure management software.

High Availability OE (HA-OE) 

The highest levels of uptime through integrated HPE Serviceguard solutions for high availability, fault protection, downtime-free maintenance, and system-level performance analysis with advanced file system and volume management.

Data Centre OE (DC-OE)

Reach the highest levels of flexibility and availability for your most vital workloads with the complete set of HP-UX mission-critical UNIX software in a single package, combining the value in the HA-OE and VSE-OE, both of which include BOE functionality.

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HP-UX Product Manuals and Technical White Papers

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customer notice | application/pdf | 1116 KB

This public roadmap slide deck gives a high-level overview of the latest HP-UX release on Integrity i6 servers, and a brief look forward to future enhancements planned and the support life cycle.


technical white paper | application/pdf | 936 KB

Explore the HP-UX Support Matrix which contains information on HP-UX 11i versions and lifecycle dates for HP 9000 and HPE Integrity servers in this technical white paper.


technical white paper | application/pdf | 347 KB

When you need nearly continuous computing for operational workloads vital to your enterprise, HP-UX is the industry's most resilient and integrated UNIX system, offering mission-critical availability and predictable performance.

Family Guide : HPE Integrity Servers Family Guide

Family Guide

HPE Integrity Servers Family Guide

1. Global 500 taken from Fortune.com 2015 available as of June 2016: http://fortune.com/global500/