Persistent Memory

The performance of memory with the persistence of storage.

Why HPE Persistent Memory

As the industry’s first server platform offering Persistent Memory in an NVDIMM form factor, HPE ProLiant Servers deliver up to 4x faster database transaction processing. You can harness this speed to quickly discover patterns that can help enhance your competitive edge, identify areas to cut costs and uncover new ways to drive revenue.

Persistent Memory for HPE Servers Offers Breakthrough Performance for Intensive Workloads

Breakthrough Performance

With performance increases up to 4x, HPE Persistent Memory is a game-changer for intensive database and analytic workloads.

NVDIMMs Resilient Technology Beats Flash Technology

Resilient Technology

NVDIMMs have greater levels of endurance compared to the Flash technology that is used in Solid State Drive technology.

HPE is Driving the Software Ecosystem with Industry Leading Application Partners

Software Ecosystem

HPE is driving the persistent memory software ecosystem with industry-leading operating system and application partners.

NVDIMMs Unlock New Levels of Performance

HPE is the industry leader in persistent memory server technology. Our NVDIMM modules are installed on the server memory bus, which reduces latency, enabling maximum compute power for demanding workloads.

NVDIMMs Help You Increase Workload Performance and Use Data Faster

How NVDIMMs Work for You

HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9 servers and HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers with HPE 8GB NVDIMM Modules increase write-intensive workload performance, delivering up to 2x faster database logging and up to 4x faster OLTP replication functions.

This means you can put data to work faster. Using higher endurance DRAM and other components, HPE Persistent Memory has the resiliency of storage technology and can help verify that data is moved to non-volatile technology in the event of a power loss.

Empower Business with IT Modernisation

Learn best practices for accelerating business growth through IT innovation and automation in an insightful Enterprise Strategy Group white paper.

What Customers Have to Say

DreamWorks Animation Reduces Iteration Time

''At DreamWorks Animation, we need to have the best tools and technology to make something as complex as one of our films. We have to focus on being just as innovative in our data centre as we are on the big screen. With HPE Persistent Memory on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers, we will be able to dramatically improve latency and throughput for metadata-heavy artist workflows and analytics, reducing iteration time for our most complex shots.''

Scott Miller, Senior Technologist, DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Relies on HPE Persistent Memory and ProLiant Servers
Turkcell Uses HPE Persistent Memory and ProLiant Servers to Improve Performance

Turkcell Increases Value-added Services

“As the biggest communications service provider in Turkey, Turkcell needs agility in order to quickly provide rich services to our customers, so we are focused on modernising our data centre to gain a competitive edge. With HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers, powered by the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors and game-changing HPE Persistent Memory, our compute journey has taken a critical leap forward, resulting in reduced deployment time for new business services as well as increased database transactions by up to 2x faster.”

Murat Akkaya, Infrastructure Resource Planning Expert, Turkcell

HPE Persistent Memory Explained

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HPE Persistent Memory Explained – Watch Video

NVDIMM 3D Product Demo

See how HPE Persistent Memory maximises intensive workload performance with up to 30x more IOPs, up to 80x lower latency and up to 15x more bandwidth.

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HPE Persistent Memory Movie Trailer – Watch Video

Persistent Memory Overview

HPE Persistent Memory is fast, reliable and designed around your workloads. Find out why it is the new future of memory and storage convergence.

HPE Persistent Memory Helps Increase Business – Read the Blog

Persistent Memory Blog

Discover how HPE Persistent Memory can help you increase your business and find product updates on the HPE Community Blog.

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Reference Guide : Deliver Complete, Validated Configurations for a Wide Variety of Workloads and Infrastructure Platforms

Complete, Validated Configurations for a Variety of Workloads and Platforms
Reference Guide

Deliver Complete, Validated Configurations for a Wide Variety of Workloads and Infrastructure Platforms