H-series Switches

The HPE 6Gb SAS BL Switch for HPE BladeSystem c-Class enclosures is an integral part of HPE direct connect SAS storage, enabling a shared SAS storage solution.

The SAS architecture combines a P711m, P712m (with cache module), P721m or P731m HPE Smart Array Controller in each server and the 6Gb SAS BL switches connected to supported HPE storage enclosures for SAS storage. The 6Gb SAS BL Switch contains an embedded Virtual SAS Manager (VSM) GUI & CLI interface used to zone, monitor, and update SAS fabric devices

What's new

  • Support for HPE Smart Array P731m Controller
  • HPE Secure Encryption support with P731m controller
  • Support for D3000 Disk Enclosures
  • Advanced tape support - port splitting allows up to 4 tape devices to attach to a single SAS switch port
  • SAS switch web interface allows the capture and deployment of configuration scripts
  • Full SNMP support for SAS switch and attached storage enclosures. Detailed diagnostic information provided for MDS600 field issues


More External Storage for c-Class Enclosures

Enables servers within the c-Class BladeSystem enclosure to share storage on an P2000 G3 SAS array system, without the need for an external SAN infrastructure. Increases storage utilization, flexibility, and enables full virtualization without a SAN.

Or use the flexible SAS architecture for cost-effective in-rack zoned storage using the MDS600 or D6000. MDS600 or D6000 drives are assigned to specific blade servers so they appear as local storage to that server.

Dual Domain direct attached SAS architecture supported with MDS600, D6000, D2000 or D3000.

6 Gb/s SAS performance, without the infrastructure expense. Not all data requirements need the top performance and availability of a backend Fibre Channel SAN.

Simplified Management

Centralizes control and reduces storage management cost. Management tools and software included in the price.

Use the Virtual SAS Manager (VSM) 6Gb/s SAS BL switch to dynamically assign drives to each BladeSystem server, on the fly, without complex configuration or re-cabling.

Highly Available, Cost-effective External Storage

Redundant SAS switches are active, if one fails the second takes over the entire workload.