Storage Device Management Software

Are you looking for an easier way to discover, monitor and configure your HPE XP7 Storage?

HPE XP7 Command View Advanced Edition Suite is a full-featured device manager for the HPE XP7. It monitors storage resources quickly and easily, automates storage management processes, and delivers more efficient utilization and control across distributed enterprise storage. You can enable logical, physical and host management capabilities for HPE XP7 Storage and XP Disk Arrays, provisioning and storage pooling for both internal and external storage, capacity analysis based on physical storage class, and offers multiple levels of security for storage administrators. You also have access to optional plug-in applications that provide replication monitoring, provisioning management, and tiered storage management for multiple arrays. Provides a platform from which to launch other disk array based application such as HPE XP7 Auto LUN Software.


Easily and Efficiently Manage Your XP7 Storage

The HPE XP7 Command View Advanced Edition Suite provides an easy-to-use, intuitive and consistent GUI showing detailed physical and logical views. It uses wizard-driven dialog for active management of HPE XP7 Business Copy Software and HPE XP7 Continuous Access Software pairs from a single screen.

Delivers extensive reporting capabilities with reports in HTML and CSV formats while supporting provisioning and storage pooling for your primary and external storage. Provides advanced command line interface (CLI) for automated script generation and consolidated external storage pool management.

SMI-S and XML interface deliver active provisioning and monitoring of HPE XP7 Storage and XP Disk Arrays and provide HPE XP7 and XP Disk Array discovery and management from a higher level within the enterprise software stack.

Multi-array Management Tool of Choice

The HPE XP7 Command View Advanced Edition Suite supports your installed base of HPE XP P9500 Disk Arrays along with the next generation HPE XP7 Storage product line.

With HPE XP7 Command View Advanced Edition Suite you can remotely manage HPE XP7 Storage and XP Disk Arrays from anywhere, anytime.

Storage is organized logically along business lines and departments. Remote Web Console (comes free with the XP7 Storage) giving access to core array management from the SVP which can be accessed directly from the HPE XP7 Command View Advanced Edition Suite GUI.

Identifies storage issues with alerts before they become problematic, while automating repetitive tasks with scripting and wizards.

Save Time by Automating Your Regular Tasks

The HPE XP7 Command View Advanced Edition Suite allows operations to be automated with scripts. Supports large, time-consuming configuration changes through batch operations while providing advanced users the ability to make configuration changes quickly and access data rapidly.

Resiliency of management station operation means fewer single points of failure.

Increases the volume of storage manageable by storage administrators by providing single management station control over multiple XP7 and XP arrays, delivering consistent and automated management across storage anywhere within the enterprise SAN.